Sunday, April 28, 2013


how did i get so lucky?  love these two!
water fight with Daddy
this pic pretty much sums up their relationship...they have so much fun together.
playtime at gymnastics
William loves that he can finally join in on the fun!

we've been spending lots of time at the park before the summer heat kicks in

big sis has given up her afternoon naps
apparently some days she still needs a little snooze
(she slept here for almost two hours!)

this boy smiles at me all day long

she is doing so well with her swimming lessons this year
she was excited to show dudley, her preschool 'pet', her skills

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Mal's getting married!

In just a few short weeks, Auntie M is getting married.
To celebrate, her bridesmaids joined her for a fun weekend in Austin, TX

We rented a house and kicked off the celebration with cocktails and snacks...
...then headed out for margaritas and cheap Mexican.  My idea of a perfect evening!

Saturday, we spent the day shopping, exploring Austin's food trucks (amazing!), and the famous Amy's ice cream.

Before heading out for the evening, we showered Mallory with a few fun items to enjoy on her beach honeymoon.

Then finalized the weekend with an amazing dinner at Moonshine Grill (highly recommend!)

Such a fun weekend and a great group of gals!
Can't wait to celebrate Mallory and Casey in a few short weeks!

Monday, April 15, 2013

8 months

 ~You can sit up unassisted but have not yet mastered getting into a sitting position by yourself.
~You wear size 3 diapers, 9-12 month clothes, and are about to outgrow your first pair of shoes.
~You were sick last week, so after a quick doctor's visit, we know you are over 19 pounds.  No wonder my back hurts!
~We had friends in town last weekend, and multiple times they asked if you ever make a sound.  You are rarely upset, but even if you did make a noise, I'm sure it would be drowned out by your crazy sister. 
 ~You continue to be a mama's boy.  You love your babysitter, but when she first arrives, you know it means Mom is leaving.  You get the saddest look on your face and shed a few tears until she is able to distract you.  Then you're back to your happy self. 
~You army crawl all over the house.  From the kitchen, to our bedroom, and back again.  We find you under tables, in the bottom of your exersaucer, and stuck on top of Lily's step stool.  You are on the move!
~You suck on two fingers and therefore got rid of your pacifier a few months ago.  

~Big sister loves to hold you and bring you toys.  She also loves to harass you and take away your toys.  But you still love her, search for her voice whenever you can't see her, and head in her direction when you find her. 

Happy birthday William Tommy.  We love you so much!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

The life of William Tommy...

one happy, smiling boy
who loves to eat
and follow his big sister around, everywhere she goes
He loves playing with toys...
and making a huge mess!
He dines in this comfy position each and every day.
We love our William Tommy so much and can't imagine life without his sweet smile!