Friday, February 28, 2014

18 months

February 10, 2014
Weight - 24 lb, 10 oz. 29 percentile
Length -33 1/4 inches. 75 percentile
Head - 48 cm, 55 percentile

~You were slow to walk (almost 16 months) but once you started, you took off and haven't looked back since.  You run all day long and give us serious exercise chasing after you.
~Your favorite indoor games are shooting hoops, banging cabinets, and heading upstairs to play with your trains.  Your favorite outdoors games are anything with balls or bikes. You continue to be all boy, all the time!
~You have lots of words.  A few recent additions include up, down, choo-choo, trash, shoes (zoos), bus, bike, bar (granola bar), eat, and wah-wah (water).  Your favorite word continues to be "no" on repeat, often said with an ornery grin.
~You can be an oxymoron at times.  You are a very laid-back and chill guy, but can be high maintenance at the same time.  You do not like new people or strangers, and are very attached to Mom and Dad.  However, I am once again working this spring and have a sweet gal babysitting you twice a week.  You absolutely love her, flip out of my arms when she arrives, and wave goodbye to me as I'm walking out the door.  I'm thrilled for you (and me!!).  
~You play favorites.  One day, Mommy is the only parent who can feed, bath, put you to bed, etc and then the next, you will completely switch alliances.  Once you decide the 'parent of the day', there is no going back…you are quite stubborn and determined to get your way.  
~You have started showing a temper as well as asserting your independence.  I miss my always sweet boy, but love watching you grow.  Just promise me you will cuddle with me when you're 16…ha!

~You have such a sense of humor.  You are always trying to make us laugh and after doing something funny, you stop and look for our reaction.  Reminds me a bit of your father.  :)  Boy humor has popped up a few times, with fake burps and lots of giggles to follow.
~It's hard for me to believe you are 18 months already.  You will always be my baby but time is absolutely flying by.  We love you more than words, William Tommy!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Flag football

We have a very active Mom's group in the neighborhood, which we've been a part of since our move to AZ.  Recently, the dads decided to join in the fun and schedule a few events of their own…this weekend was a competitive game of flag football.  The entire family had a great time, but I did find Ryan with a couple bags of ice and some Advil shortly after arriving home.  Apparently, he's not as young as he thinks he is!  


Monday, February 24, 2014

Texan invasion

This past weekend, we had two very special guests in from Dallas…Sutton arrived with his mom, Annie, in tow.  Ryan and I were thrilled to spend the weekend with our godson.  It had been too long since we'd seen him and it was such a treat to get to know him as a sweet, extremely smart, well mannered six year old.  

Sutton and Lily became fast friends.  We pretty much went about our weekend as usual…soccer practice, Lily's first game, Starbucks (ha!), followed by one of our favorites, the Train Park.  Annie and I also took the 'big kids' on a hike.  Sutton was pretty excited to climb the "mountain" and Lily thought she was big time "exercising".  LOTS of water breaks, but these two climbed and hiked for almost 4 miles…they did awesome! 

We also spent an evening at Greasewood Flats, dancing to live country music, and chowing on their famous hamburgers.  
We had a great weekend and I am so thankful for this friendship.  Though we don't see each other often, it's as if not a single day has passed since the last time we were together.  Can't wait for us to return the visit in Dallas soon.  Miss you guys already!

Sunday, February 23, 2014

1st soccer game

Lily had her very first soccer game this weekend…Ryan and I bit the bullet and decided to join the world of organized sports.  The first practice Friday night went great, and she woke up Saturday morning reminding me that she was to wear her red jersey to the game…"DO NOT forget Mommy!!"  It's an all girls, 3 on 3 league, and Lily and her teammates will be in kindergarten together next year.  The "Fireballs" didn't pull off the win, but each girl had a great time.  We are looking forward to a fun soccer season this spring!

Monday, February 17, 2014


It's that time of year again…the Royals are back in town!  
Practice started this weekend, and we were itching to be outside in the gorgeous weather.
So we headed out to Surprise, AZ Sunday morning, to the Royals spring training facilities.
someone woke up at 5am this morning…thanks a lot buddy.
we had our fingers crossed that this wouldn't be his only nap!
watching batting practice
Lily insisted on wearing her princess gown.
Our little Royal watching the Royals!

William was in heaven.  BALLS, BALLS, BALLS!!! 

Spring training games start in a few weeks, and we are looking forward to cheering on KC again this year!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

We're off to see the Wizard

Lily's big Christmas present from Nanny and Papa Kurt was tickets to the Wizard of Oz.
Luckily for Auntie M and I, Nanny bought four tickets…thus girls day!!

Nanny came to AZ a few days early to enjoy the sunshine…but mostly to hang out with these two crazies.
Lots of snuggling, reading…and barrettes!
William is in the stage that he wants to do absolutely everything sister and Mom/Dad are doing...
…including barrettes, playing with dolls, eating with adult forks, putting napkins on his lap.
And Lily continues to impress us with her "sistering".
She truly loves her brother, is almost always kind, and loves to mother him.
So thankful for our big sister and the sweet girl she is growing up to be.

We downloaded the Wizard of Oz movie, to prep Lily for the show and ensure she wasn't scared of the witch.
Both kiddos were enamored with the characters and the songs.  My favorite question from Lily…"why is it sooooo gray, then gets colorful???"

We're off to see the Wizard and kick off our special girls only day!
One of my only pictures of Auntie, but I have to say…Lily is absolutely in love with her Auntie.
When Mallory is present, only Auntie can sit by her, help her, play with her.
During the visit, Lily told us she wanted a big sister, and Auntie replied that that's exactly what an aunt is for.
I hope in future years, Lily (and Auntie) realizes how special their relationship is!

After the show, Ryan offered to watch both kids so that I could spend time with my favorite girls sans kids.  
We had an amazing meal, great conversation, and lots of laughs at True Foods.  
A fun weekend with my favorite girls!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Photo bomb

{Iphone photo dump}

These two play so nicely (most of the time!) and are quickly becoming good friends.
Lily spends lots of time reading, cuddling, and sharing with her brother.
And William wants to do absolutely everything his big sister is doing…
...which as you can imagine, can lead to a little sibling rivalry/fighting. 

This is typical William…lots of smiles, balls, and cuddling with his 'night night'.

Beautiful winter weather and views at our local restaurant

Movie night in the backyard.  
A projector, white sheet, lots of snacks…and a group of happy kiddos.

William loves to rearrange the pantry.  Below he is organizing while I am attempting to clean.
Not very helpful, little buddy!

We continue to enjoy the great outdoors during the winter months, knowing the summer heat will be here soon.
I've been running a trail that starts directly behind our house and heads up into our mountains.
Absolutely beautiful and amazing how quickly I can get away in just a few short steps.

Look who is facing forward!  
Couldn't quite make it to the recommended two years old…such a big boy!  I love seeing his smiling face. 

Ryan and I enjoyed a date night at the Phoenix Open golf tournament.
We were steps away from local favorite, Phil Mickelson, and watched him walk into the famous 16th hole.  
Later, as the crowds dissipated, we snuck in to check it out ourselves.
We expect a few visitors to join us next year…Laur's, I'm talking to you!