Saturday, January 22, 2011

Dance Party

Silly Lily does a dance party!

For some reason, even as a newborn, any time she would kick her legs or swing her arms, we've sang "silly Lily does a dance party." I have no idea why or where it came from, but it's stuck. And she loves it!

(Yes, this is a normal evening for us. Don't you love Ryan's moves?)

Thursday, January 20, 2011


Saturday morning, we splurged on a babysitter for Lily and headed out to hike Camelback Mountain, specifically the Cholla Trail. This was Ryan and I's first real hike since the move.

We weren't sure what to expect, and really enjoyed ourselves on this popular tourist destination. However, the last third of the hike had more boulder climbing through steep rocks with severe dropoffs than a nice, easy trail walk. I knew that the older I get, the more fearful of heights I've become, but this definitely made my heart race more than a few times and there was no looking over the edge for me!

the trailhead

approximately 1/2 way, with views looking south

2/3's of the way

that's the top...the end is in sight!

We made it in a little over an hour

The views were breathtaking, and well worth the effort.

Now we have to make it all the way back down! Thank goodness there was promise of a tasty meal and possibly a beer afterwards.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Quality Time

Friday afternoon, Auntie and I headed out for a girls day. Which of course included shopping....we spent a few hours at IKEA and Trader Joe's. After our full afternoon together, Auntie got to spend some quality time with Lily.

One of her favorite things was to show Auntie 'Patty Cake' using her baby.

I am so thankful for Auntie M. I seriously don't know what I would do without her - there is just a special connection between sisters, I think. A built-in best friend (sorry sis, you can't leave me, I'm family) who knows all your idiosyncrasies and has no hesitation calling you out on them. With a sister, you learn more about yourself, your faults, but also your strengths. Because you can see part of yourself and your upbringing in your siblings...good, bad and evil. I miss a ton of people from home....but my sister is one of a few people it physically hurts not to have nearby. I'm so thankful Auntie got to spend some quality time with Lily, but selfishly more happy that she got to spend some quality time with me!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Friday morning surprises

After a good night's sleep, Lily woke up to a few awesome surprises on Friday morning.

First, while eating breakfast, Auntie M popped around the corner (she had flown in late Thursday night to spend the weekend with us!). Lily yelled out "Auntie" and was the happiest niece ever.

A few minutes later, Daddy rolled out of bed and joined the party. He took Friday off so that I could spend some extra time with my sister. Seriously, the day couldn't have gotten much better...two of her favorite people home with her!

Lily couldn't stop smiling all morning.

But life continued to get better and better when we took off for a walk to the park!

Heading up the play-set to show off all her favorite things.

I love the slides!

Daddy, I don't need your help, I'm a big girl!

Weeeee! Hehe, that hair is awesome.

We had a fun filled weekend with Auntie! More adventures to come!

Thursday, January 13, 2011


In my family, I've always been called the Queen. I'd like to say it's because I am regal, a kind and generous sole, but have a feeling it's because I'm bossy and require everything to be MY way.

It appears we have a little princess in the making...

...she's bossy...

...and definitely requires everything to be her way.

Being royalty sure wears a girl out!

Good night, Princess Lily

Monday, January 10, 2011

First hike

We took Lily out for her first hike on a little trail a few minutes from our house. In total, it's a 4.5 mile loop though we only went up a mile and back down. I'm looking forward to running it soon and seeing what I think of trail running!

Getting ready. Hydration is key in the desert :)

Half way to our turnaround. Lily had a blast watching all the people and puppies on the trail (it was busy!)

The stroller did well even though it wasn't exactly a smooth ride.
Ryan had himself a pretty intense workout.

To the right of the closer hill is our neighborhood.

One amazing advantage of living in Arizona...60 degree days in January. And NO SNOW. Hope everyone back home is cuddled up to a warm fire enjoying the weather. Wish you all were here!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

NYE 2010

HAPPY NEW YEAR! We had such a treat this year with our friends Sean and Lauren visiting from Texas. Lauren is an OU grad and huge fan, so they came down for the Fiesta Bowl. And of course to see us (right?).

Sean, a fraternity brother from K-State, is one of Ryan's closest friends. But Lauren is definitely his better half (ha, just kidding Sean.)

Lily didn't quite make it to see the New York ball drop. Which was just fine with these two parents!

We were also joined by our friends Matt and Sara. Matt is also a fraternity brother of Ryan's and they are recent transplants to the Phoenix area as well. Ryan and I have felt so lucky to have these guys in town - we've already watched our fair share of K-State football/basketball games as well as other fun get-togethers!

Happy New Year!

Cheers! (isn't Miss Beasley cute!)

We wish all our friends and family good fortune and luck in the New Year.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Christmas evening

Last, but certainly not least, we celebrated Christmas at Grandma and Grandpa O's house! Grandma made a scrumptious meal of chili, snacks and cinnamon rolls - tasted so good on a cold December afternoon! Lily LOVES her cousins Aynslee and Liam. Just last night we were driving to dinner and from the backseat Lily kept repeating (completely unprompted) "I love you, Liam. I love you Aynslee." So stinking cute.

Helping Grandma open her gift.

Liam helped Lily open her presents.

Fun puzzle from her cousins!

But the hit of the evening was Mr Potato Head!!! Aunt Brooke helped Lily with his ears.

The boys showed Lily how to blow raspberries. She just laughs and laughs at these two.

Ryan is such a good daddy and uncle. He spent most of the evening being climbed on, chasing kiddos, and rolling on the ground. Glad he has so much energy!

We feel so fortunate for our families. What a treat to spend the holidays surrounded by those we love!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Christmas morning

Christmas traditions continue once everyone is awake. Santa fills our stockings with sweet little trinkets and candy, and brings each child a gift. We spend the next half an hour or so going through our stockings, drinking coffee and snacking on Mema's tea rings.

Did Santa come? I'm so excited!

He did!!!! He came and filled my stocking!
(Mema made each person a matching stocking when they were born/entered the family)

Santa brought me a stroller. I love it!! I also love stealing 'da boyz' toys!

After settling into our seats, we take turns opening one gift at a time, oohing and ahhing over each present. This process can take hours so halfway through we take a break for Bloody Mary's. My grandfather, Bobby, started this tradition years ago. Though he is no longer with us, I always think of him and his boisterous laugh when handed my beverage.

All mine!

Lily was a typical one year old. Upon opening this 'my first purse' full of goodies like lipstick, wallet, cell phone, and sunglasses, she was completely over opening gifts and just wanted to play with her new toy. Ryan ended up opening the rest of her presents while Lily forced Reece to play with her!

Reece was SUCH a sweet guy, allowing Lily to pull him all over the house, boss him around, and being forced to try on her sunglasses over and over.

Thanks for an amazing Christmas morning. I have such great memories from my childhood, but it's so much more special sharing these traditions with my own baby!