Wednesday, March 28, 2012

21 weeks

Belly shot as requested by Nanny and Auntie M.

A few fun stats:
~At my 21 week appointment, heartbeat was in the 150s and Mom was measuring exactly at 21 weeks.
~Little guy was extremely squirmy again.  He is definitely a mover and a shaker - my favorite part of pregnancy is feeling those kicks and summersaults.
~At our 19 week sonogram, he weighed 12oz (Lily was 11oz at her 20 week sonogram).  I am blaming that extra ounce on feeling much bigger this pregnancy. :)
~When told the baby was a brother, Lily whined a bit and said she 'really really wanted a sister.' She is starting to warm up to the idea of a boy.  She insists we name him "George".  

Monday, March 26, 2012

Easter Egg Hunt

Saturday was our neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt

Lily was really into the 'hunt' this year...

great fun with our friends, Owen and Griffin

She was thrilled with her candy-filled eggs 
Daddy was pumped about the pancake feed and endless coffee 
Mommy was pretty happy about snagging Reece eggs without being caught

It was a win-win morning for each of us!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

like father, like daughter

at least Ryan's wearing pants...

Monday, March 19, 2012

It's a baby ___!!!

When we found out we were pregnant, Ryan's first request was to not find out the gender of the baby.  While it took me a long time (and lots of trying to talk him out of it), I finally agreed that we could wait until birth day and have a very special surprise.  

Our sonogram was last week, and we of course informed the technician of our decision.  She went through the anatomy check and when it was time to go 'down under', told us to look away...we obliged and walked about from the appointment still in the dark.

However, the sonogram printer was broken.  She would send us the pictures in a few days.

Guess what picture she included?

Spread eagle baby, with a little extra 'attachment' and the letters XY next to it.  

While we could have tried to keep it a secret, we just didn't have it in's a BOY!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

St Patty's Day

We spent St Patty's Day at the train park celebrating George's 4th birthday.
Yet have no pictures of the birthday boy :(
Lily with her favorite 'big girls'

ready for the train.  All Aboard!

love to ride the horses with Daddy
Happy Birthday George!  Thanks for including us in your special day!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

scenes from Spring Break

recap from a fun week of Spring Break

two movies! Secret World of Arrietty and The Lorax
first Spring training game - go Royals!
beautiful weather
good friends and fun playdates

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

our jokester

celebrating Dr Seuss at school
Lily has quite the sense of humor, whether she means to or not.  While she might be a mini me in looks, she has the best of Ryan's personality.  She loves to be the jokester and the entertainer, and always ends up the center of attention.  

One such example.  Last week, we pulled into a restaurant and found a front row parking spot.  I jokingly said "hey, I called ahead" meaning the restaurant saved me the spot.  Lily from the backseat yells out "hey, I called a nose! hey, I called an ear!"  She had no idea she cracked a joke, but we were dying laughing.  Which of course just encouraged her more!
Love that my girl keeps me giggling all day long...

Saturday, March 3, 2012

10K fun

My girlfriend Amy and I ran a 10K this morning near our neighborhood.
We had the sweetest cheering section with both husbands and all three kiddos.
It was a fun race, and absolutely beautiful March morning.
Perfect way to start the weekend!
love my family/Amy and I post run
George, Henry, and Lily loved the shuttle/best seat in the house

Thursday, March 1, 2012


A few differences in this pregnancy from my first....
 *Cravings - With Lily, I went through boxes and boxes of sugary cereal.  This time, I am craving serious carbs, in the form of pasta.  Watch out for my house if you are on an Adkin's diet.  And if not, send me your favorite pasta recipes!

*The bump - hello baby!  While I am similar in weight as the first time around, the bump is about six weeks ahead of schedule.  Just about ready to whip out my maternity clothes. 

*Aches - I've already been suffering sciatic pain, which didn't start with Lily until around 35 weeks.  It's been so bad at a few points that I wasn't able to pick Lily up...and she was not a happy camper with that development.  However, it seems better now so I am hoping it was just a fluke and not something I will be dealing with for the remaining five months.

*Pains - I never experienced headaches with Lily and now seem to get one at least once a week.  I hear it's a fairly common symptom and am hoping they will go away as the pregnancy progresses.
*Less research - Ryan and I both kinda forget I am pregnant.  With Lily, we read every week on her development, talked about what size she was in the womb, spent hours working on her nursery, etc.  This time, I remembered to look up the development at 15 weeks and was shocked that the baby was already the size of an apple.  I thought "when did that happen?"

*More anxiousness - However, I am much more nervous this time.  Not sure if it's because I've had a number of friends with issues or if I just realize how awesome actually having a baby is, and how much I have to lose.
What could all these differences mean?  
Do you think it's a boy???