Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Merry Merry, Part 2

Before leaving for Kansas, we had a family gift exchange at home.  ~lots (and lots) of homemade gifts for Ryan and I ~ a big boy bike for William who has been training-wheel-free for a few months   ~ and a craft "file cabinet" for Lily, filled with new papers/pens/pencils/scissors/hole punch/electric pencil sharpener/etc.  Both were thrilled with their gifts!

Then we were off to Kansas for the holiday weekend.  

First, the most wonderful night spent in Kansas City.  Uncle John met us at the airport with Luke and Reece, packed up our suitcases plus Lily and William, and were off to Nanny's house.  Ryan and I took an uber to Auntie and Uncle Casey's house (who were in TX visiting his family) and spent an afternoon exploring our old neighborhood in Prairie Village.  To have one entire afternoon/overnight to ourselves was priceless and we are so thankful to family who offered (and without us even asking!!) to give us a night off.  It was truly the best gift!

But the best part of our overnight stay...finally meeting Wyatt Michael.  This boy has a special place in our hearts.  His mama, Kelly, is one of my dearest college friends.  We bonded at the beginning of our junior year over broken hearts.  We remained friends post college due to our strong, assertive personalities, our love for books, wine, 'real' talks, travel, and true friendship, with all it's ups and downs.  She is better with words and would write something more eloquent, but let's just say, we are the best of friends.  And the fact that Ryan and Adam seem to have a fun bromance going on makes life ever better for us!  Wyatt Michael - we are thrilled to meet you and are looking forward to years of spoiling you rotten.

Grandma and Grandpa O took the kiddos over to Aunt Mary's for a family breakfast and lots of playtime with Seattle cousins Elise and Gabriel, and Kansas City cousin Barrett.  Lily and William had a blast and wish these kiddos would make another trek to AZ for a visit.  

Saylor Christmas Eve/Christmas morning. After not bringing my camera home last year, I promised myself I would do a better job photographing the family, especially with Mema who is 89 years young!  Nanny hosted a delicious meal which was enjoyed at leisure around the dining room table.  My favorite night of the year - telling family stories, catching up with cousins we don't see often enough, just enjoying each other's company while eating delicious food and drinking amazing wine!

grand and great grand children (minus Matt's family!)

Osterhaus Christmas entailed another amazing meal - thankful that Grandma made a traditional holiday meal with ham, green bean casserole, potatoes, etc.  We spent an afternoon enjoying the cousins and catching up.  

The Osterhaus grandchildren - Liam (7), Elijah (4), Aynslee (11), Lily (7), William (4)

(Unpictured was the FUN visit from my oldest friend Bryn and her family.  We loved meeting Jovie, chatting about Star Wars with Abram, and just catching up with Bryn and Tony.  How generous that they gave up an afternoon just to see us!  It was such a treat to spend time with this incredible family. We love you guys!)

As always, it's a fast and furious weekend, and we wish we could spend more time with those we love.  But beyond thankful that we are able to make the trip each year and keep up with our family traditions.