Sunday, November 29, 2009

Double trouble

Cousin Aynslee and Lily.  I have a feeling these two ornery gals have a future full of giggles, dress up, and tons of fun girlie moments together. 

img_0733 img_0732

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Sweet guest

Lily met her future husband last weekend.  Sutton came for a visit and Lily was instantly enamored by him. 

Hanging in “PJ’s with shoes” according to Sutton.  Kiddos in their footies might be the cutest thing!


Flashing the ‘flirty’ smile.


Lily loved staring at Sutton and reaching out to grab to him. 


And loved listening to his crazy stories.  This cutie pie might be the sweetest little boy – thanks Annie and Brian for bringing our godson for a visit.  We miss you guys so much and were so happy to see you! 

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Practice makes perfect?


We are hoping ‘practice’ at least makes her better than this!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Yummy in my tummy


Hi mom, whatcha doing?

Well Miss Lily, today you get to try your first bite of cereal.  So we’re going to sit in your new highchair and practice eating like a big girl.


Cool!  I like being a big girl.  


 Wait, what’s cereal. Where’s my bottle?  I’m not so sure about this.

First Bite

Hmmm, interesting.  Not so bad. 


Yo, Dad, hurry up and let me try another bite.  Here, let me help you – I’ll take the spoon.


This is pretty good Mom. Seriously Dad, give me that spoon!


I’d say our first food experience went pretty well.  Apparently the kiddo takes after her mom – looks like she’ll eat just about anything!

Friday, November 20, 2009


These days Lily is really working hard on her hand/eye coordination and has a few favorites toys to help her out. 

Exersaucer.  She pushes the buttons, turns the knobs, talks to the cute baby in the mirror, pull on the cloth dragon, and tries to suck on all the tags.  Plus she also loves to sit in here and scream at the top of her lungs.  Sometimes it sounds like she is very anger, other times like she is laughing at the most hilarious joke.  She loves to practice her voice!


Hands.  She can entertain herself for quite a while putting her hands in the air, turning them over, waving them back and forth, just staring and learning what in the world these crazy appendages can do.

Feet.  Man, I wish I was as flexible as a baby.  She pulls her feet up and into her mouth, and then sucks on her toes.  Socks do not stand a chance with this kid.  She pulls them off within minutes of putting them on.  Miss Lucy at daycare loves when I get too lazy to change Lily out of her footie PJs because it means Lucy isn’t chasing lost socks all day long.


Pacifier.  She pulls it out of her mouth, turns it over, and chews on the hard plastic. Then she throws it hard onto the ground, and watches the dogs run over hoping its food.  Of course, she then stares at mom or dad, expectantly waiting for it to be handed back to her. Brat.

Rattles.  She quickly figured out the noises her rattles make when she waives it back and forth.  And what fun it is to bang it on anything within reach….the table, mom’s head, the dogs, etc. 

Vibrating teether. Oh how wrong is this? I bought her one after reading this blog post.  Ryan and I crack up every time we here it start to buzz.  Oh dear, I’m giggling like a middle schooler right now just thinking about it.

I swear Lily learns something new every single day and it has been a blast watching her explore her little world. 

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Viva Las Vegas

As Miss Lily disclosed in a previous post, Ryan and I spent our first long weekend away from our baby.  We headed out west, to Las Vegas, to celebrate our 30th birthday year with our good friends Lesley and Tyler. 

We flew in late Thursday night after an almost disastrous flight delay, getting to the hotel around midnight Vegas time. We stayed at the Wynn (very nice!), briefly explored the casino, and crashed for the night.  (Hello people, I know we are lame, but it was after 3 am CST when I finally got to bed…I haven’t seen that time “socially” since college!)


Friday we walked the entire Strip, gawking at the craziness of Vegas and the outrageous hotels, and did a little shopping.

img_0642 img_0644 img_0648 img_0649  img_0651

Friday night, we got fancy, went to the show ‘Blue Man Group’ and then had a yummy dinner in the Bellagio.

Saturday the group was up bright and early and headed to Lagasse Stadium inside the Palazzo Hotel with a reserved space to watch the KSU/KU game.  Ryan and Tyler’s fraternity brother, Matt, and his wife Sara met us for the game.  GO STATE!

We played some blackjack, slots, etc and most of us broke even with our gambling funds.

img_0664 img_0665 img_0641

Every time Lesley and I would turn around the boys would be on their phones.  Every single time.  Vacation or not, some things never change.


We have a fantastic weekend getaway and feel so lucky to have spent it with such great friends!  Who’s up for Vegas 2010!?!?!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Bye bye baby.

Ryan and I went out of town last weekend with some good friends (detailed post to come shortly). It was our very first night, let alone weekend, away from our little lady.  To be honest, I was feeling the “mom guilt” prior to leaving because I wasn’t that worried or nervous about ditching her for a few days.  Maybe it was because my mom was watching her.  Maybe it was because I was so excited for a few days alone with Ryan.  Or maybe it was because I was running around like a chicken with her head cut off trying to get myself and Lily ready, and didn’t have too much time to consider.

We left Thursday afternoon and came home Sunday evening.  Three full days.  Without my baby.  For the first time ever.  Yep, it hit me Friday morning.  When I woke up early, laying in bed, waiting to hear Lily talking in her crib, only to realize a few minutes later, that wait a minute, I’m not home, she’s not here, I won’t be hearing her….oh saaaaddd.  So I did what any gal would do…call her mama.  To be reassured that Lily was just fine, didn’t miss me one bit, slept well last night, and was one happy girl.  

After that phone call, I felt much better and enjoyed the rest of my weekend without worry about Lily once.  Ok fine, that’s a lie…I called home at least twice a day, texted numerous times, and talked about Lily to Ryan and our friends way too often. 

But once I received this picture on my blackberry, my heart melted at that little smile, and I knew….Lily was having a great time at home, and I needed to focus on enjoying myself with my husband.  


We had a great weekend.  It was fantastic to just be a wife and a friend without the added role of mother. It was amazing to sleep in.  It was relaxing to have a cocktail and not worry that you were responsible for another human being, so you’d better stop at one.   And it was a blast to shop, walk around, eat dinner, without worrying about the next diaper change, feeding, naptime.

But the moment we woke up Sunday morning, all we could talk about was Lily, how much longer until we got to see her and what we thought her reaction would be when we got home.  We were not disappointed….we were greeted with a huge smile and two little arms reaching out for hugs and kisses all around!  I sure did miss my baby and wouldn’t trade being her mother for anything in the world.  And I think she missed me a little bit too!

Monday, November 9, 2009

While the rents are away….

Lily speaking here.  My parents ditched me for the first time in my short life for a long weekend away and boy was I one happy girl to have a little time to myself.  Nanny came to hang out and entertain me for a few days, and we two girls kept very busy.  We did lots of fun things before my parents came home and made me get back into my normal boring routine.

I went on long walks and enjoyed window shopping in this beautiful fall weather.

100_1364 100_1365

I watched my cousin Darby’s basketball game and had a blast playing with Uncle John and all the boys. 

 100_1357  100_1359

Nanny and I cheered loudly while the Wildcats BEAT the Jayhawks…whoaa, go Cats! 

I shopped for groceries and helped make  some yummy food for Nanny (and leftovers for Mom and Dad when they get home)!


And I spent lots of time with Nanny’s good friend Ellen.  We played at her house, went out to eat numerous times, and got some quality cuddle time in!  Sometimes I got confused because Ellen sure looks a lot like my Nanny!

100_1380 100_1379

What a special weekend. I loved spending so much time with Nanny and will miss her once my parents come home.  But for now I’m completely exhausted from all my activities.  Naptime!


Sunday, November 1, 2009

5 months

October 31, 2009.  Seriously, 5 months already? 


Miss Lily thought is was much more fun to play with the sign and try to sit up then pose for pictures.

A few Lily observations:

* You LOVE to play in your exersaucer.  You  have figured out how to push the buttons, turn the knobs, etc and can be entertained for quite a while.


* You have gotten on a pretty consistent schedule thanks to Miss Lucy at daycare with four to five feedings and two/three naps a day.  We haven’t tried cereal yet but will in the next few weeks.

* You are still a rockstar sleeper and one morning you slept until 7:45am.  Ryan and I were giddy with excitement hoping you would start sleeping this late on the weekends.  But alas, no, you think it’s funny to wake up earlier than normal on weekends, ready to eat and play before 7:00am. 

* You love new people but are starting to be slightly hesitant before jumping into a strangers arms.  You need a good five minutes of staring and watching a new person before you are ready to leave the safety of Mom and Dad. 

* Unfortunately, you love to watch TV and will turn yourself backwards just to see the lights and sounds.  Definitely your father’s daughter. 


* You are constantly on the move and grabbing everything in sight.  Out to breakfast last week, you grabbed the napkins, the silverware, the menus, and even tried to grab the hot coffee pot.  You think napkins and Kleenex's are the most fascinating toys and will pass them back and forth in your tiny little hands over and over again. 


* Your dad can make you laugh so easily and that sweet noise is the best thing ever!  No matter how long our day was or what mood we are in, your laugh puts huge grins on our faces. 

We love you more than words.  Happy Birthday Lily!