Friday, June 24, 2016

Last day of school

That's a wrap on 1st grade and the Quail class at preschool.  It was a great year! 


End of school performances

Lily's art fair and music performance.  Her grade sang a handful of songs, and she played the symbols as well.  Great job Lily!

William also had a singing performance at his school.  He sang the words but wasn't interested in also doing the actions.  Sweet boy!

Lily recently started piano lessons.  New classes, sports, etc make her very nervous so the original plan was for Ryan and Lily to learn to play together.  However, after a few lessons, Ryan decided to sit outside and let her try it on her own.  Afterwords, her instructor said Lily did much better without him and recommended that she continue by herself.  Daddy got kicked out, ha!  

She absolutely loves it.  She practices on her own, multiple times a day, and is excelling.  After just a couple months, she performed two songs in the recital and was nearly flawless.  And even more special for her parents, not one ounce of nervousness or anxiety that we often see from our girl.  We are beyond proud of her!

April/May 2016

Ryan's award trip took us to Palm Beach, Florida to stay at the iconic Breakers Hotel.  We had an amazing time as always, and enjoyed some adult time together while Nanny held down the fort back at home. 

How do we get so lucky to have extended family visit us so often?  Pam had a work conference in Phoenix and Uncle Tom tagged along.  Ice cream treats at Sugar Bowl in Old Town for the win!

Lily and I snuck away one Saturday for a special girls only afternoon with friends Georgia and Michaela.  The Little Mermaid play by the Youth Theatre in downtown Mesa was a blast!  

Mothers Day with these two is always full of laughs and lots of orneriness.  I thank my lucky stars that they are mine!