Monday, February 28, 2011

Snapshot Monday

Weekly happenings via snapshots from my cell phone

After Grandma left us, we went for a long walk before lunch.
Apparently Lily was one tired girl after the fun weekend she had.
I rolled her into our bedroom and took a long, quiet shower. Such a treat!

My little helper carrying in groceries.
She completely smashed the bread...

Princess Lily

Lily's favorite exhibit at the zoo is the baboons.
She kept telling them "No more monkeys jumping on the bed!"

On Saturday night, we went to the 3A high school basketball championship.
Ryan's basketball coach's son was playing.
They came back from behind to win which made for a very exciting game.
Lily had a blast watching the game and all the crazy fans!

Have a great week!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Fun with Grandma

We had such a fun week when Grandma came to visit! Unfortunately, Arizona weather didn't cooperate and we had a few chilly days. However, we were able to spend some time outside at the train park.

Lily's favorite friend, Kayl, and Kristen joined us.

We tried the carousel again, hoping Lily would get over her fear of the horses.

She first scoped it out.

After getting on, and seeing the horses going "up and down", we asked if she wanted to ride them. "Noooooooo". So instead we enjoyed the ride on a bench.

Kayl was fearless!

After the rides and a picnic lunch, the girls had some good old fashion fun on the slides. Lily loves trying to copy everything Kayl does.

Thanks for visiting Grandma. We loved having you and look forward to your next trip!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


When my grandparents moved out of their home, I inherited my grandmother's piano. Mema tells the story of how it was her first large purchase after saving and saving her teaching money. Growing up, I have fond memories spending hours playing (pounding) away on this piano.

However, since our move, I have not introduced Lily to playing (pounding). She has a tendency to become obsessed with things. And, well, honestly, I think the sound of pounding musical notes is a bit annoying.

Remember when Nanny visited a few weeks ago?

Apparently Nanny doesn't have such a low tolerance for annoying sounds.

We have recently spent some quality time playing beautiful music and singing along to our creations.

Thanks a lot Nanny.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Snapshot Monday

Weekly happenings via snapshots from my cell phone
*I find that I often forget my 'good' camera and instead take random snapshots with my cell phone while out and about. So I'm thinking a weekly post sharing these photos might be fun!

Riding the escalator up and down at the airport.
Why were we at the airport?

Because Grandma came to visit!

We ate at lots of yummy restaurants.
Everyone's favorite was breakfast at Arcadia Farms.

Mom and Dad enjoyed a date night with margaritas and dinner out.
Thank you Grandma!!!

And Lily said 'bottom's up!'

Lots more fun pictures with Grandma to follow!

Monday, February 14, 2011


A quick recap of the last few days via snapshots from my phone.

Lily has been fighting a bad cold for a few weeks and it peaked at the end of last week. So we two gals spent some quality time cuddling on mommy's bed watching Dora the Explorer. I'm not sure who enjoyed the cuddles more!

Ryan, Matt, and Sarah ran the Skirt Chaser 5k on Saturday. The women get a 3 minute head start and the men try to 'chase' them down. I had done a long run earlier that morning so volunteered to watch Lily instead.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

Afterwards, we enjoyed the gorgeous 75 degree day and a few adult beverages at the postparty.

My little Valentine.

We have a pretty romantic V-Day planned for tonight. Installing new doorknobs (an ongoing project) and pulling down hideous blinds in preparation for new ones coming tomorrow. However, I'm guaranteed a few hugs and kisses from my girl and her daddy, so I'm ok with it!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Lions and tigers and bears! Oh, my!

This week, Kayl and Kristen invited us to join them and a friend at the zoo. It was a beautiful day and we had a blast walking around with the big girls.

Lily, Quincy, and Kayl

Copying everything the big girls do. Kayl tolerates Lily following her around very well!

There was a baboon right at the window, and Lily was so excited to see a 'monkey'!

But she was not as excited to pet the goats.
She is pressing against me as hard as she could.

I told her it was just like petting Ellie-dog. She wasn't convinced, but did start telling the goats "hiiiii Ellie."

I've said it before, but we feel so lucky to have Kristen and family here. Thanks for inviting us!!!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


We have started giving Lily a few 'chores' around the house, mainly to do with dinner time. The past few weeks, we've asked her to help clear the table after we eat. I stand by the kitchen sink while Ryan is at the dining room table handing her one dish at a time. Which she promptly brings to me with a huge smile on her face. Last night we started asking her to help set the table. Again, she was pretty excited to be put to work.

(pictures have nothing to do with this post. but she sure is cute, isn't she! :)

We started this in an attempt to get her more interested in eating dinner with us. To say we have a picky eater lately is an understatement. She eats her few favorite things - turkey
hotdogs, PBJ sandwiches, chicken strips, peas, yogurt, and any kind of fruit. That's it. If you try to give her something else (and I do try every day), she almost panics saying "no, No, NO, NOOOOO Mommy". I've tried cutting back on snacks to make sure she is hungry. I've tried just letting her go hungry if she doesn't eat what I give her. I'm not sure what else I should be doing.

Ryan thinks I worry too much. That he was a picky eater and turned out all right. That she will eventually grow up and be more adventurous with food.

I tell him it's my job to worry. So back off buddy.

Any advice?

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Welcome to Miami

Ryan had to be in Miami Beach for work last week. So being the sweet wife I am, I sacrificed my weekend and decided to join him once his conference was over. Ha!

We had a blast staying in a beautiful hotel, sleeping in, staying out WAY too late, eating great food. Though we missed Lily while we were gone, it was nice to get away for a few days!!

View from our room

Matt and Sarah also extended the work trip.

We didn't move from these chairs all day long.

Why would we? Hot sun, great book, fun friends. And a cocktail waitress.

Friday night was one crazy night. Like 'we think we're still in college' crazy.

It started out tame with pre-dinner drinks at the W Hotel.

Followed by dinner at Sushi Samba.

Oh my. So flipping good. I'm still dreaming about that meal.

Sake and beers got the evening started down the 'ornery' path.

We ended up at the Delano Hotel. Posh hotel with famous club scene.

And befriended DJ Dan. (well Sarah and I thought he was our best friend. I'm not sure the feeling was mutual!)

Dance party quickly followed. Now we know where Lily gets her moves.

After hitting up a few more clubs, we were rockstars until 4:30am.

We had a GREAT TIME.
A certain blond might have been quoted as "best night ever" and someone else quoted as "dude, it's just like Vegas!". Which quickly became the weekend motto.

But the next morning, we were TIRED...guess we can't hang like we used to. :)

Such a fun weekend. But always happy to be home.

Who's up for Miami Beach 2012?

Friday, February 4, 2011

Just Nanny and I

One morning I woke up to find just me and Nanny.

To say I was excited might be an understatement!

We did so many fun things together.

We road a train. I love to say choo-choo train.

And we rode a carousal.
I wasn't much of a fan.

I would tell Nanny "horses up and down."
But when asked if I wanted to ride the horses, I responded with a very strong "Noooo".

So instead we sat on a bench next to the horses and I was just fine with that.

And of course, I LOVE to swing.
Nanny says I was not a happy camper when I had to get out. But after verbalizing my feelings, I got to ride the train one more time and was happy again!

One extra special treat was lunch with extended family.

Nanny's aunt, Mary; cousin, Holly; and second cousin, Hannah came up from Tuscon to lunch with us.

Overall, I had a great week with my Nanny. I was so sad to say goodbye (but any excuse to watch the airplanes is a good distraction!) Thanks Nanny, I love you and will see you again time please bring Papa Kurt so I can be extra spoiled!