Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter

...First Easter...

...the egg hunt...

...sweet babies, big and small...

Happy Easter, from our family to yours!

Easter Eggs

Last week, we spent a fun morning at home dying Easter eggs...
first egg
lots of bright colors
now we wait...
...and wait...
finished product...great job, Lily!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Spring Break

Enjoying the last day of Spring Break with some of our besties.
William, Kate, Thomas, and Lily
(big boy William didn't feel like taking pictures).

We are so lucky to have such great friends here in Arizona.
Especially friends with children similar ages...
...nothing better than comparing sleep schedules, discipline styles, and the joys/challenges of parenting!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Morning shenanigans

Lily wanted to play outside early one morning, so we headed out to enjoy the beautiful weather.  
The kids had fun playing while I enjoyed a hot cup of coffee.  Perfect start to our day!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Dining alfresco

It's spring break this week and we're enjoying temperatures in the upper 80s.  After naps, we took a long walk on the trails, then played in the cul de sac with our favorite neighbor kiddos.  Since everyone was having so much fun, I decided to feed William dinner outside on the driveway.  He was pretty impressed with his dining experience.

We only have another month or so until it's too hot to play outside in the late afternoon, and we'll be taking advantage as much as possible the next few weeks!

Monday, March 11, 2013

7 months

~You have TWO teeth this month.  The bottom middle.  You've been pretty miserable working on them, so we're happy they finally arrived.
~You are on the move.  Forward, backward, side to side.  You army crawl, plus what Ryan calls 'the worm', but are very close to actually crawling.
~You can sit up unsupported for a few seconds before toppling over.  However, you much prefer to be on your tummy scooting around and are not that interested in sitting and playing.
~You spent your second night away from Mom, and didn't bat an eye.  While you continue to be a mama's boy, you sure are loving on your Daddy right now.  Only he can get the best laughs and coo's out of you.  You are one happy, smiley little boy!

 ~You've settled into a solid routine thanks to our twice a week babysitter, and not being dragged back and forth to Lily's school, etc.  Milk four times, three solid meals, two good naps, and an early 7pm bedtime.  We are thankful to finally have a predictable routine in our lives.
~You are finding your voice and 'singing' along with me when we rock before bed.  You say 'bah bah bah bah' most often with a little 'mamama' mixed in for good measure. :)

We love you William Tommy.

Sunday, March 10, 2013's your birthday!

Last week, we celebrated Nanny's 60th birthday. 
With a few surprises...
1. Lindsay flew in from Phoenix for a quick 24 hour visit.
2. Ellen surprised Mom by joining us for dinner.
3. Dinner was at The American restaurant in Crown Center.
3. Her gift...60 years of memories.

The day started off by Mallory picking me up at the airport.
We drove directly to her first wedding dress fitting, where Mom was meeting her.
(No sneak peeks of the dress, but I will just say, she is going to be one beautiful bride!)
Mom walked into the dress shop and when I said hello, she first thought I was part of the staff.  
Then she realized who I was and started to cry. :) 

The first surprise went off without a hitch!

After hanging out at Mallory's house and checking out all things 'wedding central', we sent Mom to meet Dad.
We had told her a different restaurant, but when they got into the car, Dad gave her a card explaining we were actually going to the American 'with her favorite girls.'
Mom didn't know 'girls' meant both Mallory and I, plus of Mom's closest friends since college.

Surprise two and three...success!

Matt, Mallory, and I spent over a month gathering memories from Mom's friends.
From her childhood in Parsons, to college days in Manhattan, to her adult life in Sabetha.
We gathered all the sweet sentiments into numbered envelopes (thanks Morgan!) and a keepsake box.
Thank you to all family and friends for contributing to her gift.  I'm pretty sure she loved it!  :)

What a fun evening!
Happy 60th birthday to the best Mom in the whole world.
We love you!  Cheers to many more birthday celebrations!

Sunday, March 3, 2013


Lily continues to be a very attentive big sister.
jammin' with chopsticks.
freak snow storm.  it melted within 20 minutes. 
baby snuggles.  he loves falling asleep in my arms.
first Spring Training game of the year with our favorite neighbors
 Luis Gonzales. Ryan was impressed.  I had no idea who he was.
Ryan described him as the George Brett of the AZ Diamondbacks.
Our neighbor taught his kids and is friendly with his family, and Luis upgraded our tickets!
so it begins. destroying big sister's castle.
sweet boy loves his highchair and will play with toys while I cook dinner.
Lily LOVES when William joins her for baths.
10K in our neighborhood.  
Lily helped accept my age group award, and was pretty excited to wear a metal.