Tuesday, July 27, 2010


We've started to discover the wonderful world of 'pretend' in our household.

Lily likes to pretend to go "nigh-nigh" (night night).

She will lay right down and often grab her blanket to cuddle with, while repeating over and over 'nigh nigh'.

(She is also absolutely obsessed with her shoes, but that is a whole other blogpost)

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Dancing Queen

My little girl isn't exactly in love with her carseat right now and we've found the only way to keep her happy is to play music. Loud. But not children's songs, or nice quiet relaxing music. Instead, she prefers inappropriate tunes such as rap, techno, hard rock, or anything with a really fast beat (and often music this mama doesn't particularly like). She swings her arms, bobs her head, and sometimes sings along. Kinda cute. And a little annoying. Definitely makes talking on the phone in the car next to impossible. :)

Her father reported that she was dancing up a storm to ABBA one morning on the way to daycare. She is my little 'Dancing Queen', I guess. At least she loves her "Mama Mia!"

Monday, July 19, 2010

Water Baby

Lily went to an actual swimming pool for the first time. I think her expressions tell more than words.

Whoaa baby, that water's cold...

I'd say our outing was a success...little lady loves cooling off from the summer heat in the swimming pool!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Village Fest

On the 4th of July, Lily and company checked out Village Fest. Our community hosts a fun day of petting zoos, bouncy houses, a children's concert, a parade, etc.

Ryan and Lily fed the mini goats.

And we then watched the music concert

(Working on her ballerina toe touches)

Toddling between Mama and Dada
(ahhh, those eyes melt my heart)

and finally swinging before the rain storm came in.

Such a fun way to spend our morning. We are in love with our little community and feel so lucky we have fun events like this to enjoy with our girl.

Thursday, July 15, 2010


We have quite the talker on our hands. We just sit and giggle at her while carrying on "conversations".

The language of Lily:

Mama - that's me

Dada - Daddy

Hiiiii - self explanatory, I think

Hiiiii eeee - Hi Ellie (the dog)

eeese - Cheese

eeese peeese - Cheese Please

mooor - More. Says this when eating or to tell me she is hungry. She says "moor" while smacking her highchair.

meeeek - Milk or Water

Noooce - Nose.

Ieeeece - Eyes.

Gah - Dog

Zoos - Shoes

Oh boooyeee - Oh Boy! Not sure where this came from, but she says it when she is excited or surprised by something.

Wha Tat - What's that. She says when pointing to anything and everything.

Each day she learns more and more, and we are just amazed at how fast she is changing!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Summertime fun

What in the world are you crazy people up to now?

You've created a giant bathtub outside on the deck!

And I flipping love it!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Wheeling and Dealing

My two trouble makers up to no good.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

35 years

This summer, my parents celebrated 35 years of marriage. And to mark the occasion, we threw them a small surprise party.

I think Mom was confused why in the world we were all there yelling "SURPRISE"!

Until Reece announced "Happy Anniversary" and then it started to sink in.

Still a little shocked.

Lily went straight to Nanny for a sweet cuddle (she was feeling a little under the weather and tired of being passed around like a doll. Poor baby.)

The Trusdale women, minus Lily who went home for the evening.

Ellen was the bait - she promised Mom and Dad a fun Jazz event at the Raphael Hotel. I hope they weren't too disappointed to spend the evening with family and friends instead! :)

Uncle Kent and Aunt Donna enjoyed the yummy food spread.

Cousin Catherine and boyfriend Nate.

Dad and Kevin act like brothers separated at birth. Two peas in a pod.

Ellen first met Uncle John while she and Mom were in college. He was like 10 years old then and hasn't changed much.

Auntie M and Casey

Such a pretty mama. I've got good genes.

Cousins Reece, Cooper, and Luke chillin with Uncle Kurt. This is the ornery crowd.

Darby, I was there the day you were born. How the heck are you starting high school in the fall. Ugh. I'm depressed.

We celebrated late into the evening and had a great time. Thank you everyone who joined us in the fun.

Congrats to Mom and Dad. 35 years is quite the feat! Cheers to 35 more!

Bad Habit?

Is this a bad habit to be starting?

Very interested...

And there is music!

Dance, dance.....

Nice 'Jazz' hands!

Maybe we have ourselves a little actress?