Tuesday, February 2, 2016

October/November update

For some reason, I haven't whipped out my good camera in months, therefore blogging and photo taking have been pretty minimal.  Here is a quick attempt to document October and November...

Halloween 2015:  For the 2nd year in a row, William wanted to be a fireman.  And Lily wanted to be a witch...but more specifically Maleficent.  We found the perfect head piece at Disneyland and she was beyond excited.  We did our traditional trick-or-treating with neighbors Brayden, Eric, and Emily, and had a blast!

Ryan and I were able to spend one October weekend with our neighborhood mom's group at an 80's costume party.  Any guesses?  We joined our good friends Kiki and Andy as the Golden Girls.  How Kiki ended up as Blanche, and myself as Dorothy, I'll never know.  Nor forgive.  :)

November brought another amazing Ragnar weekend. It was an eclectic team with a lot of my best running friends...including the one and only Mel-B who flew in from Colorado.  Walt and Ryan held down the fort while the girls enjoyed a night under the stars.  Guess it's now our turn to visit the Blesers!

And to wrap up November, we love hosting Mom and Dad (aka Nanny and Papa Kurt) for Thanksgiving.  I look forward to this tradition every year, and am beyond thrilled to celebrate Papa Kurt's birthday while he is here...by making him take us out to dinner.  Thanks for an incredible meal at The House Brassiere.  I'm craving a return visit!