Monday, August 27, 2012

Two weeks

August 24, 2012
Weight - 8lb 4oz
newborn photos taken at nine days old

~ William continues to sleep well at night, but still does not like his crib.  The past few nights, we boycotted the swing and he woke up every three to four hours.  He mostly wants to snuggle for a few minutes (and have his pants changed) plus a quick snack.
~Lily loves being a big sister and is so sweet to her brother.  She sings to him when she thinks he is sad, and tries so hard to help feed him, change him, etc.  He went to her school for the first time on Friday and she loved introducing everyone to 'my baby, William Thomas.' 
~Will is one serious cuddler.  Lily was an independent gal even as a newborn - she always wanted to be put down and would never fall asleep while we were holding her.  Will is 100% the opposite.  Most of the time, I love all the snuggling but after an entire afternoon of holding him, I wish he would entertain himself for just a few minutes.  
~Best quote from Lily this week "Mama, your tummy is still really you have another baby in there?"  And I was feeling really good about myself postpartum.  Thanks a lot kiddo!

Sunday, August 26, 2012


Last weekend, we had another special visitor.
Papa Kurt arrived and spent a few days getting to know his grandson.
But had just as much (or more) fun playing with Lily.
Lots of dance parties, soccer games, and swimming occurred while he was here!

Nanny went home this week.
So sad.  We miss her already!
I survived my first day by myself getting two kids out the door in time for preschool.
Nanny, come back soon!

First family photo.
Loving these two kiddos and our growing family!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

1st day of school

Lily loved going back to school (her first day was actually last Wednesday).  Nanny and Auntie M took her to the open house (a quick meet and greet with the teachers plus introduction to the classroom), and she was thrilled to see her teacher and all her school friends.  She is in a new classroom this year, so when I dropped her off the first day, I wasn't sure exactly where to go.  Lily was more than happy to lead the way and practically ran through the busy hallway.  Once we arrived, she was off and playing - I could barely get a hug and kiss out of her before I left.  Looks like we will have another fun year at school!!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

One week

August 17, 2012
Weight - 7 lb, 12 oz. 33 percentile
Length - 21 1/2 inches. 90 percentile
Head - 35 1/2 cm, 31 percentile

A few thoughts:
~Did William grow an inch and a half in one week?  This measurement seems much more accurate as he has a very similar body type as Lily - skinny, long legs and not at all chubby.  He is one tall boy and barely fits into newborn clothing!
~Percentiles are almost exactly the same as Lily - we have long, lean babies in this house.
Auntie with her niece and nephew
~Thus far, we have another good sleeper/eater on our hands.  He has been giving me a big chunk of sleep each night - anywhere between four and six hours.  Keep it up buddy!
~However, he isn't a huge fan of the crib, so he often sleeps in his swing.  I don't even turn it on, I think he just likes the tighter quarters and feels overwhelmed by the crib. 
~He loves to snuggle and be held!  He continues to be a very laid back and easy going baby.  However, he isn't a huge fan of baths yet and yells at Daddy to hurry up!
clean kiddos after their evening bath
~We love William Thomas so very much and can not imagine our life without him!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

First visitors

William's first visitors arrived early Friday morning!

We have been extremely lucky to have Nanny with us these past few weeks.
While we had lots of "sitting around waiting for baby" moments, her help entertaining Lily while I was exhausted, and the relief that if I went into labor she would be here to take care of Lily, has been just amazing!  Thank you Nanny!!

Big sister was so excited to meet her brother.
She is very proud of him!
While we still call him George at times, she mostly refers to him as "my baby."

We had another special visitor this weekend.
Auntie M arrived and spent lots of time cuddling baby William and chasing a crazy toddler around.
She was here only a few short days and I miss her already!

Big sister was once again thrilled with her brother!

My three favorite gals...

Monday, August 13, 2012

Birth story

Baby George was (finally) born at 41 weeks.  As we are discovering, this is very much his personality...takes after his father as one laid back dude.  

After my 40 week appointment, I was dilated to 5cm and went home with assurance from my doctor that I'd go into labor any moment.  We scheduled an induction for later that week, just in case.  We were on the hospital's medical induction list for Thursday, August 9th which meant we would be called in any time within that 24 hour period.  After checking Thursday morning with the admitting desk and hearing they were completely full and might not get to us until the following day, we headed out with Lily to kill some time.  

We ended up playing for a few hours at Pump It Up.  Ryan and Lily both had a blast and it took my mind off the fact that we would be meeting our boy very soon, hopefully later that day!

After lunch, we were getting a little stir crazy, so Ryan decided to rent a movie.  I joked that the moment he bought and started it, we would get the phone call to head to the hospital.  I was right!

last pregnancy photo!
We arrived at the hospital around 2pm, and were assured by both our nurse and doctor that this would be a super fast induction and delivery.  Par for the course with laid back baby George, we were once again wrong!  He wasn't quite ready to move out of his mama's house.  I'm hoping this isn't foresight into 18 years from now!  Twelve hours later at 2:36am, he finally joined the world.  

The first thing that came out of my mouth when the nurse handed him to me was "he's huge!"  At 8lb 5.5 oz, he was almost a pound heavier than Lily, and over an inch longer at 21.5 inches.  We were immediately in love with our son!

bright lights!
where the heck am I?
big boy!
so you're the one kicking me all these months
proud Daddy

Saturday, August 11, 2012

George is here!

 William Thomas Osterhaus joined us at 2:36am Friday, August 10th.  
Named after my two uncles, John William and Thomas Blair.
He is big boy at 8lb 5.50z and 20 inches long.  
Mom and baby are doing great!

1st photo moments after birth
a few hours later, fresh from a bath
big sister is so proud!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

A note

Dear George,  

Your room is ready and waiting for you.  
Please come vacate it soon.
We can't wait to meet you!

Love, your very excited (and impatient) Mommy

Saturday, August 4, 2012


We had a wild and crazy Saturday night. 
Frozen yogurt and then home to watch the Olympics.
Lily adorned herself in full Princess gear for the big night out!

Hopefully the last picture before George arrives...please?!?!?!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

39.5 or 40 weeks?

A few thoughts:
~I was 4cm dilated at Monday's appointment.  Seriously?  Who walks around at 4cm, not in active labor??  Come on baby boy, the anticipation is killing me!!
~My OB is on vacation, and according to the nurse practitioner, my due date is actually August 2nd.  Whatever, sounds good to me, just get this baby boy moving sooner than later.  
~Nanny has arrived, and while I feel a little guilty that she is sitting around waiting for baby boy to arrive, I can't tell you what a relief it has been for me.  I am exhausted by noon each day, so to have an extra set of hands play with Lily, run errands, etc has been awesome!
~The past few days, Lily has been asking to be a 'baby'.  She wants to be wrapped up in a baby blanket and rocked.  I'm sure she senses some major changes coming her way very soon, and is acting out accordingly.  But I love that she is spending a little extra time being calm and cuddling with me!  

This is the best shot we could get of Lily today.  
She was NOT in the mood for photos!  
Ha, love that girl and her strong personality!