Thursday, October 23, 2014

Fall Break {part 1}

Ryan and I try to do a mini vacation (or long weekend) every quarter.  It gives us something to look forward to and motivation to work hard knowing we have something fun on the horizon.  Our school district has a one week fall break, so over the summer we decided we'd plan a trip to San Diego for a few days.  However, after mentioning our idea to my parents, we decided to turn it into a week long family vacation!

Mom flew to Phoenix, we packed up the mini van and the two of us drove the kids to California.  We had three days on our own before the remaining crew joined us, and stayed in a great house in La Jolla within walking distance of restaurants, shops, and the coast.  Most of our time was spent exploring the neighborhood, experiencing an amazing farmers market, scoping out all the restaurants, and enjoying the beautiful coast line.  A favorite spot, which we revisited multiple times, was the harbor seals at the Children's Beach…Lily loved how close she was to the wildlife.  

{Those are not sharks in the water, but surfers.  We loved watching all the surfers in La Jolla!}

Thursday, October 9, 2014


Our neighborhood Mom's group scheduled a play date, plus a special surprise…a visit to the Fire Station!  Lily and William were under the impression we were just playing at a new park, and had no idea what they were in for (I was nervous the firemen would be called out and we wouldn't be able to tour…and was NOT in the mood for the meltdown that occurs with those disappointments, ha!).  To say they were excited might be an understatement...

Such a fun afternoon with sweet friends!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The Big 3-5

I can't very well let October 4th pass without a shout-out to the absolute best husband and father this gal could imagine.  

We had a blast celebrating with him over the weekend.  The morning was kicked off surprising Dad with Grandma O's sticky buns for breakfast.  Lily was up early (or shall I say her normal time) and immediately begged to wake up Ryan for his birthday breakfast.  I held her off until 7am and then birthday celebrations began!  

After our tasty breakfast, we were off to Lily's soccer game.  Twisted Lizards for the win! (Coach Ryan for the weekend while our head coach was out of town)

The afternoon was spent napping and relaxing after gorging ourselves on The Peanut wings (thanks Nanny and Papa Kurt for the birthday present.  I think I enjoyed them almost as much as the birthday boy.  I'm still full!)  And that evening, Ryan and I snuck out for an adult only evening at Top Golf.  It's basically darts and bowling combined with a driving range.  Seriously so much fun (and I'm a HORRIBLE golfer!)

But I believe the highlight of the birthday weekend was as pictured below.  A quick trip to KC and a once in a lifetime experience for the boys.  GO ROYALS!

Happy 35th birthday Ryan.  We love you more than you know!

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Twisted Lizards

We kicked off fall soccer with a win!  We have the same team from the spring, plus our friend Emery.  And a new name, the Twisted Lizards.  {Anyone who has visited us in AZ will get a bit of a chuckle from that name.  No worries, our favorite watering hole will be sponsoring us with team jerseys in our team color, lime green!}

This season it's four on four with no goalie, and Lily did awesome.  She was engaged, confident, hard working, and most important, had so much fun with her friends.  Not much else we could ask for from our girl.  

{Assistant coach Daddy, and brother William, taking a break from their sideline spectating}

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Exceptional day

Lily had a very exceptional day on Monday!

We started off with an early morning dentist appointment before school.  Not only does Lily have TWO loose teeth, but she was such a brave, sweet girl.  The dentist even commented he couldn't believe she was only five and that she was acting like an eight year old.  Much to Lily's delight!  Her behavior was particularly helpful for me…as it was also William's first dentist visit.  He was not so brave.  Lots of crying, screaming, and squirming.  

{All smiles on our ride from the dentist to school drop off}

 The day continued to get better.  First, she received TWO Roars awards, which are random awards given by teachers on campus when they see students portraying good behavior.  Her first came from the drop off lane, where a teacher helps the students out of the car.  Lily said the teacher gave her one because she said thank you, and was kind and respectful.  Her other came because she moved to the top of the clip chart in her classroom (a behavior system where a child can move up or down a chart depending on their actions each day).  

A few other highlights included passing a 'sight words' tests as well as Mom surprising our girl at lunch.  I had the pleasure of sitting with Lily and her friend Emery.  These girls cracked me up telling stories about their classmates, about their fun morning at school, and just lots of silly, happy girliness.  Honestly, it was one of my favorite lunches ever.   

To reward our girl with such an exceptional day, Ryan came home from work early, we ate a quick dinner, and off to the ice cream store we went!  We were ALL very proud of Lily and thrilled to celebrate her!

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Tee Ball

We've been watching lots of baseball lately (GO ROYALS!).  William is slightly obsessed and turns absolutely everything into a bat…a book, a truck, silverware, his blanket, you name it.  He also likes to use his sister as his ball.  So.  Ryan had the grand idea to pick up a tee, a few real bats, and whiffle balls.  

Lots of begging to play in the backyard, even though we are still in the 100s during the day. We are ALL ready for fall weather and lots more outdoor play. 

Friday, September 12, 2014

School picture day

Lily had school pictures last week, and William wanted in on the action practicing our smiles.
{ya think someone needs a haircut?}

 {And the outtakes}
he was giving her sloppy kisses  :)