Monday, January 12, 2015

Happy New Year

Ryan and I were in bed on New Year's Eve before 10pm, and instead celebrated the holiday a few days later with a great group of friends.  The Schick's were in town on vacation, so they plus the Davis' (with their new addition, baby Tyson!) spent an evening at our house watching the KSU bowl game (ugh), enjoying some great eats, and just catching up.  We are so very lucky how often our friends make the trip to Arizona….and I choose to think they come just to see us, not because of the polar vortex temperatures back home!  :)

The Saylor's!

Santa brought everyone matching KC t-shirts for Christmas, so of course we had to take a photo! Love this group of crazies so very much!

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Osterhaus family Christmas

We had an amazing time celebrating Christmas with Grandpa and Grandma.  After a fun filled day of lunch and gifts, all the cousins were treated to a slumber party…Lily is still talking about how much fun she had.  Special memories for all the kiddos!

Liam (5), William (2), Lily (5), Aynslee (9), Elijah (2)

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Santa came!

{Most of the Santa excitement was caught on the video camera, so excuse the few photos!}

Lily asked to be a princess, indigo sunglasses, and Junie B Jones books.  She was not disappointed.  

William was OBSESSED with this airplane and airport set every time we shopped at Costco (since October!).  Santa must also shop at our favorite store!  

Mema with Uncle Tom, Nanny, and Uncle John
Mema wil all her grandchildren AND great-grandchildren
(all in our jammies, no judgement please!)

Christmas Eve

We arrived in Kansas on Christmas Eve and were quickly joined by the Saylor/Trusdale family.  As always, it's my favorite day of the year - the entire family descends onto my parents house for 24 hours of crazy, loud, sometimes obnoxious, always hilarious, fun! So very thankful to have spent every single Christmas Eve and morning of my life with these people.  And love that my children are able to join in for as long as it continues.  

the "kids" table…though I think Darby, Cooper, and Luke are about ready to join the adults!

Mema painted a wooden train set for William, and it was his absolute favorite gift. Lily was pretty excited to share in the fun too!

Next up, Christmas morning….

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Christmas traditions (old and new)

It's been a fun month and we've been enjoying a few Christmas activities as a family...

~Christmas jammies and then off to check out the neighborhood lights!  And as always, each night in December, Lily and William unwrapped one Christmas book to be read before bed. 

~We spent an evening at our favorite park…McCormick Stillman Train Park.  The railway is completely blinged out in holiday lights, fake snow, huge blow-up characters, and lots of Christmas music.  We arrived an hour early so I could get in line while Ryan and the kids ate dinner, rode the carousel, and scoped out the hot chocolate line.  However, William was so concerned that he would miss his train ride, he wouldn't stay away from me too long.  Luckily the train ride did not disappoint!

~After our ride, Lily sipped a hot chocolate while William played with the Thomas the Train table.  He could have stayed here for hours!  We were then off to walk around and explore Christmas lights up close and personal.  A great 'new' tradition this year…we'll definitely be back!

"waving to Santa" (a helicopter was flying by!)

Lily's class party

The Kindergarten room mom's outdid themselves organizing Lily's class Christmas party.  We made reindeer hats (with Lily's hands as antlers), played marshmallow bingo, decorated mugs, enjoyed a hot chocolate treat, and ate snowman donuts.  It was a special morning for me as I don't get into Lily's classroom very often (something to do with a crazy two year old boy!).  I loved focusing on my favorite gal, seeing her interact with classmates, and spending an hour just being together.  William was in attendance as well, but played quietly with a friend…I barely knew he was there!