Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Lily happenings

A few happening the last few months of Kindergarten…

~Another successful soccer season.  The game really clicked for Lily the final month.  She even scored two goals in one game, and is already looking forward to playing again in the fall!

~Birthday book club at school.  During their birthday month, students pick out a book from the PTO, sign their name in it, and donate it to the student library for other students to check out.  

~Mother's Day tea in Lily's class.  After a sweet singing performance, the moms were served tea and cake, and then presented with our gifts.  One of my favorite mornings ever!

~Wrapping up her Musical Theatre class with a performance.  The group sang Believer (Shrek), Welcome to Munchkin Land (Wizard of Oz), Fly a Kite (Mary Poppins), and Do Re Mi (Sound of Music).  Lily did a fantastic job not only singing, but knowing the actions, cues, and different spots on the stage.  We also saw her helping out a few younger classmates…our girl does love to be the boss!

~Mystery Reader!  Each student was given the opportunity to be a mystery reader for their class and read a book of their choosing.  Lily was hesitant at first, but after watching a few friends, decided she wanted a chance as well.  She practiced hard and said it went really well!  Ryan and I are amazed out how much she has learned this year…she went from not being able to read and barely write, to reading full books and writing paragraph after paragraph in her journals (our girl has LOTS to say!).  

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

A visit home

In April, we spent a special weekend in Kansas.  

~Lily and William are becoming expert flyers - they were both jewels and made our morning so easy! 

~Dinner at Lydia's with two of our favorite couples…Nanny & Papa Kurt, and Auntie M & Uncle Casey

~William was amazed at how close Nanny and Papa Kurt's apartment is to the downtown trains.  We spent quite a bit of time outside watching them go by!

~The reason for the trip…the 100th Anniversary of Tri Delta at KSU led to us four gals having an excuse for a Manhattan reunion.  Annie, Lesley, Kelly and I spent two days catching up while exploring all our favorite Aggieville stores, restaurants, and bars.  Priceless time spent with three of my very best friends!

Composite fun…didn't see Auntie M!

~Don't worry…Lily and William didn't miss me a bit.  Instead, they met up with Grandma, Grandpa, Aynslee, Liam, Elijah, Aunt Brooke and Uncle Jason for a night of fun at Great Wolf Lodge.  From these pics and all their stories, it appears they had an absolute blast!!  :) Thank you Grandma for organizing such a special cousin weekend!

Wednesday, April 8, 2015


Easter morning didn't quite go as planned.  Mom came down with a stomach bug, managed to come out for the egg hunt and then spent the next 24 hours in bed.  Therefore, this is the only photo from Easter morning (luckily Ryan caught a lot of the fun on video!)

To make up for the lack of pics, Lily and William humored me with a photo shoot before school this week.  Better late than never!  

 {And the outtakes.  Love these two so much!}

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Let's go Royals

In less than one week, we squeezed in three baseballs games (actually Ryan went to a fourth as he hosted a work seminar one morning, then treated guests to a leisurely afternoon).  Spring training in Arizona is one of the absolute best perks of living here!

After watching so much baseball last fall, William often wakes up asking me if he can go to a baseball game…how could we deny him America's favorite game when it's in our backyard!  Off to Surprise we went on a Sunday afternoon for the Royals versus the SF Giants.  Since this was a 'rematch' from the World Series, it was a fairly full and attentive stadium…and the Royals won!  Take that, dream snatchers  :)

 The next Friday, we pulled Lily out of school at noon and headed to the AZ Diamondbacks stadium where they were playing the Indians.  No worries, William still thinks we were watching the Royals and was a happy camper.  Plus we came home with not one, not two, but three baseballs thrown to us from the bullpen.   

On Saturday, we decided the kids had enough baseball and opted to have an adult only day with our favorite neighbors, James and Karen.  Off to the Diamondbacks vs Royals game we went.  You might remember a few years ago, we did the same thing and ran into Luis Gonzales, who happens to be friendly with our neighbors and upgraded our tickets.  Well, this year he generously gave us tickets ahead of time…we were in row two but forgave him because Art Stewart's family had the seats in row one.  :)  Ryan was in heaven talking to Art's two grandsons about what an amazing scout he was and the impact he had on our team.  My favorite part was Art's daughter telling Ryan how much she appreciated him talking up her father to her sons…she said her boys don't listen to her nor understand all their grandfather did for their family as well as the KC Royals.  Such a neat experience...

horrible seats.  Heckling Moustakas while Hosmer bats!

Already looking forward to Spring training 2016!  

Thursday, April 2, 2015

1st swim lessons

With minimal tears (it was touch and go for a few minutes, but he pulled through), we survived our first swim lesson of the season.  Here's to child #2 being water safe so I can actually relax and enjoy our hot AZ summers!  

The first thing he told Lily at school pick up was "sissy, I swim today.  I cried.  Wahhhhh.  Then I brave.  Miss Alison is sooooo nice.  And I got a BLUE lollipop!"  So in the words of William, it was a good lesson.  :)

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Easter Egg Hunt

Today the neighborhood Moms Group sponsored our annual Easter Egg Hunt.  First up were baby chicks and a real bunny, followed by age-group egg hunts, and finally pictures with the Easter bunny.  {Guess which one of my children was deathly afraid of the Easter bunny and would scream anytime he was nearby?} 

A fun afternoon was had by all!