Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Lily and William's vacation

While Mom and Dad were out of town, Lily and William were treated to quite a fun 'vacation' with their Nanny!  I swear that lady has ten times more energy and stamina than I do…the amount of activities they squeezed in over four days was amazing!

~A family favorite…the train park!  Including ice cream as well as the carousel.  I'm amazed Lily rode a horse…she will rarely do that for me unless Ryan is with us.  Brave girl!

~lots of fun outdoor playtime enjoying our gorgeous late winter weather

~a trip to Build-a-Bear at Fashion Square Mall.  Lily chose a bunny and William chose Olaf.    I will never be able to take the kids to the mall again without requests to go back (and buy more accessories, ha!)…they both loved it!

~At Christmas, Lily and Nanny received a joint gift…tickets to Rodger and Hammerstein's Cinderella.  Special one-on-one time with our girl while William stayed home with a babysitter.  

~Final evening with Nanny…a date to the Lizard!

Thank you Nanny for creating so many memories with Lily and William, while allowing Ryan and I to get away for a few days!  We are so very thankful for all that you do!

Saturday, March 21, 2015

San Diego

Ryan and I were treated to his company's Top Producers trip last week…four days in sunny San Diego.  Thankful to Ryan and all his {very!} hard work, as he has to earn this trip each year. And very thankful to Nanny who offered to watch the kids so we could get away!

We were off early Wednesday to the airport and after a short flight, arrived at the amazing Hotel Del Mar just in time for lunch.  Bloody Mary breakfast and a little wine at lunch, followed by a nap (ha!) makes for a pretty good start to our vacation!

Upon settling in our room, we heard a knock on the door, only to find that Mallory and Casey had sent a completely unnecessary, but amazing sweet (and much appreciated!) gift thanking us for their visit in January.  I love and am always amazed at how thoughtful these two are!

As always, Ryan had a business meeting the first day, followed by some free time.  We chose to hang out at the resort, relax, and then have a quiet dinner by ourselves in Del Mar.  Horrible view while dining, but we made it work.  :)

Day two was a spa and pool day, followed by the awards dinner and gala that evening.  As always, the venues Ryan's company finds are amazing and truly display the city we are visiting at their best.  We were in a penthouse downtown, overlooking the Padres baseball stadium.  Hard to see, but the grass below is where Lily was  three years ago.  

Our final full day was spent wine tasting in Temecula Valley.  Not quite Napa or Sonoma, but we had such a fun day sightseeing and enjoying a few of Ryan's co-workers.  

Wrapping up our San Diego trip, "Top Gun" style!  We had a private tour of the helicopters at the Marine Corp Air Station Miramar followed by dinner at the officer's club.  Dressing up for the theme was optional, and of course we couldn't resist pulling off our own version of Maverick and Charlie.  

Thank you Ryan, once again, for your hard work this year.  It takes a lot to make this trip, and I am so very proud of you!  

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Photo dump

It's been a whirlwind couple months and I apologize for the photo dump...
{January - Rock'n'Roll half marathon with the cutest cheering section.  I ran with a girlfriend and Ryan brought the kids down to watch the festivities.  A beautiful day and an awesome race!}

{January - Waste Management Open with Auntie M and Uncle Casey.  While the weather was less than idea, we still enjoyed a fun day watching golf and catching up, without the kids!}

 {January - Lily is thriving in Kindergarten.  This month her class celebrated the 100th day of school and each student had to create a project using 100 objects.  She also needed to have them grouped to she could 'skip count' to 100…she choose to do them in 10's.  

Every Friday morning, a 'mystery reader' appears in Lily's classroom to read a few stories of their choice.  Lily loves to come home and announce who the reader was…and was beyond thrilled when it was her Daddy!  Such a great opportunity to be in her classroom, see her interact with her teacher and friends, and of course make her feel so special.  Ryan said it was one of his favorite experiences!}  

{February - sadly cousin Katie and family were in town for her aunt's funeral, but we were beyond thrilled to see our favorite Seattle cousins and meet baby Gabriel.  Lily and Elise are two peas in a pod!}

{Lily is taking a yoga/dance/hip hop/??? class one day a week, and I was treated to a relaxing class from my very own in-house instructor.  However, William was a horrible student.  He preferred to tackle Mom, yell, and overall interrupt our zen.}

{Train park.  Our favorite place in Scottsdale! I'm horrified to just now realize this is the only photo I took while Grandpa O was here visiting.  Between yucky colds passing through the family, a crazy busy two months and Ryan's work travel, I'm a bit off my game.  But nonetheless, we had a great week with Grandma!}

Monday, January 12, 2015

Happy New Year

Ryan and I were in bed on New Year's Eve before 10pm, and instead celebrated the holiday a few days later with a great group of friends.  The Schick's were in town on vacation, so they plus the Davis' (with their new addition, baby Tyson!) spent an evening at our house watching the KSU bowl game (ugh), enjoying some great eats, and just catching up.  We are so very lucky how often our friends make the trip to Arizona….and I choose to think they come just to see us, not because of the polar vortex temperatures back home!  :)

The Saylor's!

Santa brought everyone matching KC t-shirts for Christmas, so of course we had to take a photo! Love this group of crazies so very much!

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Osterhaus family Christmas

We had an amazing time celebrating Christmas with Grandpa and Grandma.  After a fun filled day of lunch and gifts, all the cousins were treated to a slumber party…Lily is still talking about how much fun she had.  Special memories for all the kiddos!

Liam (5), William (2), Lily (5), Aynslee (9), Elijah (2)

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Santa came!

{Most of the Santa excitement was caught on the video camera, so excuse the few photos!}

Lily asked to be a princess, indigo sunglasses, and Junie B Jones books.  She was not disappointed.  

William was OBSESSED with this airplane and airport set every time we shopped at Costco (since October!).  Santa must also shop at our favorite store!  

Mema with Uncle Tom, Nanny, and Uncle John
Mema wil all her grandchildren AND great-grandchildren
(all in our jammies, no judgement please!)