Monday, June 25, 2012

34 weeks

whoozah, six more weeks!?!  gesh...
A few fun facts:
~Apparently all I needed to get ready for George was a visit from my mom.  She whipped me into shape with the determination that baby boy would not have a pink nursery upon his arrival.  After a few days of shopping for boy basics, George's room is almost ready to go!
~We also completed a handful of house projects that have been sitting in waiting for months.  Hanging curtains, shelves, moving furniture, etc.  Guess we were both nesting!  :)
~While pregnant with Lily, I consistently measured three weeks behind.  With George, I am measuring exactly on schedule.  Which I blame for the fact that I feel MUCH bigger and more uncomfortable this time around (even though I actually weigh less!).  
~Living in Arizona and being pregnant during the hot summer months isn't helping either.  The heat is doing a number on my hands and feet.  By the end of the day, I barely recognize my toes!  We've spent as much time as possible in the pool cooling off and providing relief to my extremities. 
~George tosses and turns and I love every single movement.  Lily has been patient enough to feel him a few times, loves talking to my stomach, and asking questions about the baby.  Just the other day, she asked in a very concerned voice if she'd still be my baby even after her brother arrives.  She was much relieved when I assured her that she would always be my baby and my best girl (I once asked if she was my best buddy. She said no, she was a girl, not a she loves being called my 'best girl'.)
~I had a sonogram at my 34 week appointment.  George is approximately 5lbs, 9oz, head down, and projecting to be between 7 and 7 1/2 lbs at birth.  As a comparison, Lily was approximately 6lbs at 35 weeks and was 7.7oz at birth.  
~George is still very much a boy according to the latest sonogram.  :)

Lily wanted to take a picture of her tummy too!

Monday, June 18, 2012

True story...

Our conversation went something like this:
 Lily:  Mommy, who do you talk to on your phone?
 Me:  What do you mean?  I talk to lots of people.  Like Nanny or Daddy or...
 Lily: No, no, no.  What's her name?  Oh yea, Siri!
     You say 'Siri, where is Lily's school' and Siri says 'turn here Mommy!'
     Or you say 'Siri, where is the grocery store' and Siri says 'go over there Mommy!'
 Me:  (laughing) I think it's Daddy who has the more intimate relationship with his girlfriend Siri.
 Lily: That's true Mommy.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

3 years

May 31, 2012
Weight - 30 lb, 8 oz. 50 percentile
Length - 38 1/4 inches. 80 percentile

A few thoughts from the birthday girl herself!
1. What is your favorite color? Blue.  George likes blue, but Henry likes red!
2. What is your favorite toy? Lily doll (from Auntie M, her name is Lily and she talks in both English and French)
3. What is your favorite fruit? Grapes
4. What is your favorite tv show? Dora the Explorer
5. What is your favorite thing to eat for lunch?  Chicken meatballs
6. What is your favorite outfit? I liked to wear my flip flops
7. What is your favorite game? Playing tags with my friends
8. What is your favorite snack? Fruit
9. What is your favorite animal? Dog
10. What is your favorite song? God is an Awesome God (we just finished a week at VBS)
11. What is your favorite book? I'm a Big Sister
12. Who is your best friend? Decker (boy from school.  I think she has her first crush!)
13. What is your favorite cereal? Daddy’s cereal
14. What is your favorite thing to do outside? Ride my bike
15. What is your favorite drink? Milk
16. What is your favorite holiday? My birthday
17. What do you like to take to bed with you at night? Paci, night-night and a dolly
18. What is your favorite thing to eat for breakfast? Cereal
19. What do you want for dinner on your birthday? Cake
20. What do you want to be when you grow up?  I will just be Lily, but I wish I could be a Mommy.

A few thoughts from Mommy
1.  What is your favorite personality trait? Lily's sweet side. She loves to take care of anyone she thinks is sad, hurt, or sick.  She will rub your back and say "ohhh, it will be ok!"  She is also really into taking care of babies or baby 'George' (she pretends to pick him up, feed him, carry him with her, etc).
2.  What is your favorite memory this year? Our trip to San Diego last fall.  We had such a fun time on our first trip with just our immediate family and it was a blast watching Lily experience things for the first time (Mom and Dad too, it was our first time to San Diego!).
3.  What is your favorite book to read together?  I am loving her big sister books right now.  She seems really excited for baby 'George' and all the things she can do that he won't be able to. 
4. What is your favorite activity to do together? We spend a lot of time together, but my favorite is watching Lily interact with her friends at the park. I also love the time right before bed, after reading our story and turning off the light.  We will talk about our day, what the best part was, and our plans for tomorrow.  It's such a sweet, quiet time between the two of us.
5. What is the most difficult part of parenting this year? Lily is a talker.  I mean 24/7, nonstop, constant gabbing.  She never stops.  Most of the time, I love hearing her funny thoughts and the random ideas she comes up with.  But sometimes, a little quiet would be nice too.
6. What is the best part of parenting this year? Watching her personality explode.  She has made great friends at school and in our neighborhood and it's so neat to watch those interactions.  She is often hesitant trying new things, but once she is ready (or it was her idea), she embraces it and does her very best.  
7. What is your favorite song Lily sings? Anything from the soundtrack 'Mama Mia'.  Our girl loves music - she is constantly singing and dancing, and often begging for her music to be turned on.  
8.  What is your favorite 'Lily-ism'? She has three names for me.  Mommy, if she is being sweet or is just plain in a good mood.  Mama, if she wants something and is trying to kiss up.  Mom, if she is demanding something or mad at me. 
9. What is one parenting trait you wish to improve.  Patience.  Because she is so verbal and wise beyond her years, I often forget she is just a toddler and learning the ways of the world.  
10.  Any last thoughts?  Each year with Lily gets better and better.  She brings us so much laughter and joy every single day, and being her Mommy is the greatest 'job' in the world.  

A few thoughts from Daddy
1.  What is your favorite personality trait?  Lily's big heart...she can definitely be bossy, and often times is, but she always means well.  And she has an incredible laugh.
2.  What is your favorite memory this year?  Definitely when we took a family trip to San was my first time and such a fun experience with my two favorite people.  And the fact that San Diego was discovered by the Germans in 1904, at which time they named it San Diego (per Ron that movie!), made it even more special.  
3.  What is your favorite book to read together?  Either "Ladybug Girl" or "No, David!"...typically Ladybug Girl, because her personality reminds me so much of Lily.  I would have said a Dr. Seuss book, but I can only make it through 10 or 15 pages before falling asleep.  
4. What is your favorite activity to do together?  This time of year?  Swimming!!  She's getting to the point she can almost swim by herself and it's so fun watching her learn.
5. What is the most difficult part of parenting this year?  I'm not gonna lie, my daughter talks way too I want to strangle her at times too much.  The only time she stops is when the TV is on.  It can be very difficult when all you want is a little peace and quiet. 
6. What is the best part of parenting this year?  Without a doubt, watching her learn new things (potty training, riding a bike and swimming).  I now understand how much patience my own parents actually had and it makes me appreciate what they did even more.
7. What is your favorite song Lily sings?  The songs she learned at vacation bible school have been hilarious and totally crack me up.  A close second is "Pour Some Sugar on Me" by Def Leppard (joking). 
8.  What is your favorite 'Lily-ism'?  After everything she says, she follows her statement by tilting her head to the right, nodding and saying, "Yeah Daddy, that's right."
9. What is one parenting trait you wish to improve.  Patience...understanding that she has to make mistakes on her own and not everything is going to go right all the time.  The best way for her to learn is by finding her own way - I need to remember that.  
10.  Any last thoughts?  She's a good girl...she definitely tests our patience and can be naughty at times, but man, she makes me happy :)

Monday, June 4, 2012

Birthday Week

Papa Kurt has declared the week of your birthday as "Birthday Week" and Lily definitely lived up to it.  

Her first big cause for celebration was the arrival of Nanny!

 followed by a fun visit to the Children's Museum.

She opened a few presents on her actual birthday...

 ...including a 'big girl' bike from Mom and Dad!

 She loved hearing "Happy Birthday" sung to her.

And after eating cake, she had to take her new wheels for a spin around the neighborhood.

 Saturday we hosted a small party for her neighborhood and school friends. 
First she had swimming lessons, so Nanny and Mom went to set up.  Lily was so excited when she arrived and found cake and balloons for her party (that's all she wanted for her birthday!). 

 She spent 99% of the party splashing away with her buddies.

And once again, loved hearing "Happy Birthday" sung to her.

The best part of the week...when Mom and Dad left for one night and enjoyed a little babymoon at a local resort (at least that was Mom's favorite part, ha!)

Thanks Nanny for watching our girl so we could get away!!  There is nothing like coming home to a clean house, with all the laundry done, dinner ready, and a happy three year old who didn't miss us one bit.  You should come visit more often. :)