Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A day in pictures


Two chompers!


Working on crawling.  I’m up on my hands and knees and getting way too fast for comfort!


Cheering Mommy on – I’m a very good clapper!


Chowing down on bananas and avocados. I love bananas.  Avocados, not so much. 


Such a ham – I love to be the center of attention. 

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Best baby gear

I love food.  And I love eating out.  If I could pick one thing I could do every day, it might be trying a new restaurant.  Whenever we have a date night, Ryan comes up with all kinds of fun ideas – a movie, an activity, a coffee, etc.  I always push for dinner out.  And normally win. 

I’m teaching my daughter to love it as well.  We drag her just about anywhere and she’s been to quite a few traditionally ‘adult’ restaurants (I apologize to all other patrons, but I can’t help myself.  Date nights are too few and far between, plus we just love having Lily with us!).

So in order for these dining experiences to be successful, we’ve been utilizing two of the best baby products ever created.  First is this booster seat/activity center.  Lily loves the toys on top and it keeps her entertained for quite awhile.  Then the toys pop off to showcase a flat tray which we can feed her little bites of our food (or Ryan’s, I am not a very good sharer).


Second, is the Boon baby food dispensing spoon.  It’s genius.  Squeeze the rubber bulb and get the perfect amount of baby food, no mess and easy on the go.  I’m telling you, if you need a baby gift and want to be the most popular person at your next baby shower, this is the gift!  Love it!


Sunday, February 14, 2010


The past few weeks have been a bit crazy…I changed jobs the first of January which led to Lily switching daycare due to logistics; Ryan traveled out of town and has been extra busy with work; our household has been fighting colds and the flu; etc.  So I’ve been feeling a bit frazzled, weary, and a little ‘off’ lately.  My normal de-stresser is a good long run; however as we all know, this winter has been brutally cold and snowy which has kept me from much running at all. 

Of course, I (possibly overeagerly) signed up for a race at the end of March, realizing I had a very small window of time to increase my miles and get into shape.  This past week, I was sidelined with the flu which put me ever further behind.  So I woke up today, feeling great, and knowing that I really needed to put in a few miles to get back on track.  However, it was 19 degrees with a 7 degree windchill, Lily was being cute and cuddly, and Ryan promised me a Valentine’s breakfast (as a side note, oh boy have our lives changed…we used to enjoy a fancy dinner out with a bottle of good wine for Valentines, now I’m just as excited for an early morning breakfast with a huge pot of coffee!)….so I was easily talked out of a run.

But all morning and early afternoon, I was just itching to get outside.  Despite the frigid temperatures.  Despite an overly full stomach (darn that chocolate muffin).  So when Lily and then Ryan laid down for a nap, I headed on my way, all bundled up and dreading the wind and the snow.

And I had the BEST run.  I haven’t ran by myself in a long time and though I love running with the girls, I forgot how much I enjoy an hour of quiet time to think, reflect, or completely clear my mind, blank out and listen to music.  While I was out, the snow picked up to an almost white out and I felt all alone in the world.  Just me, my shoes, the cement, and a snowy cold afternoon.   I felt such joy, such pure energy.  I felt myself re-center and my mind clear.  I came home relaxed, a huge smile on my face, ready for a hot shower and a cuddle from my two favorite Valentines. 

Friday, February 12, 2010


Oh yes, the magic words have been said.  And I just KNOW she is calling me by name. 

Does is matter that she says ma-ma-ma-ba-ba-ma-na, and not just a single ma-ma?  No. 

Does it matter that she says da-da-da more often, and might even be saying it directly at Ryan?  No. 

Does it matter that she says ma-ma–na when reaching out for the dogs?  No.

She said ma-ma and therefore she loves me the best!

I birthed you child, you owe me.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Life as we know it…

is over!  Lily loves to explore and is starting to get into everything.  This week, she discovered kitchen drawers! 

 img_1004 img_1005

Luckily this one only holds tupperware.   Guess we’d better start baby proofing!img_1006

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A couple of bachelorette’s

Ryan was out of town last week.  In Miami.  In a fancy hotel overlooking the beach.  For “work.”  Yes, I almost hung up on him when he called from a cocktail reception.  Poolside.  Enjoying an evening outside in 70 degree weather.

But I digress. 

Lily and I enjoyed a few days of bachelorette-hood. This was my first time acting as a “single mom” for more than one evening.  And can I just say, I am SO FLIPPING THANKFUL I have such a great husband and partner in this parenting thing.  I didn’t realize how much Ryan actually does until he was gone (terrible, but isn’t that always the case?!?!). 

On a typical morning, I get Lily once she wakes up, change her diaper, and get her dressed.  Then Ryan takes over, gives her a bottle, makes sure she is entertained while we finish getting ready for work, and he then lugs her off to daycare.  After work, I pick her up, come home and feed her cereal and veggies, and we play until Ryan gets home.  He then plays with her while I start dinner, gives her a bath, and then we trade off giving her a bottle.  Once she’s finished eating, I take her upstairs to read a few books, sing a few songs, and put her to bed.  We both know our roles and are a well-oiled machine.

Oh man, being a “single mom” is tough!  Having to be the sole caretaker of Lily these past few days has been exhausting! And I’m not too proud to admit, it’s been harder than I imagined.  Let’s just say, my little miss may have gone to bed a little earlier than normal, and I may or may not have enjoyed a glass of wine and a girlie movie in order to relax and reward myself.

On the other hand, I’m so happy I’ve had this opportunity.  For one, it’s pretty special to have one on one time with my sweet girl.  For another, I’ve enjoyed some much missed alone time after she’d gone to bed.  But most importantly, I have a new appreciation for Ryan and what an amazing father he really is.  I am one lucky wife! 

Monday, February 1, 2010

8 months

January 31, 2010.


It’s been a huge month in our household as Lily has grown dramatically.  What was once a tiny baby is quickly becoming a little girl!

* You have the ‘army’ crawl down and are getting faster and faster each day.  You get up on your hands and knees and rock back and forth, but are still working on actually crawling.

* You have learned to go from a laying down position to sitting up.  You love to sit up in your crib and play before getting out of bed. img_0994

*  You are quite the dancer.  You love your numerous sound making toys (gee, thanks grandparents! :) and your entire body gets into the groove!

* First chomper!  You are sporting two pearly whites and making some serious drool working on those suckers. 

* First pair of shoes, leather soft soled slip-ons that are supposed to be the best at staying on feet!  So far they are staying put nicely.  You LOVE to pull off your socks, so this is a great improvement!
*We are still enjoying great nights sleep, though you now flip over in the night and sleep on your tummy with your tush high in the air.  We think it’s so cute, we sneak in often just to stare at you. 

* You love to eat.  You love cereal, sweet potatoes, carrots, green beans, and once again love your peas.  You also love applesauce, apples, pears, bananas, and all the other fun flavors your baby food comes in.   So far, the only thing you refuse is zucchini and squash.  Regarding table food, you’ve tried bananas, apples, avocados and a little bread and seem to like these as well.  However, you show NO interest in feeding yourself so we are sticking to baby food for now. 

* You love, LOVE to laugh…I think it might be your favorite thing to do and you seem to be quite the entertainer.  Somehow you always seem to know when all eyes are on you and you definitely enjoy a crowd.  :)  We love your outgoing personality and hope it never goes away.

We love you more than words.  Happy Birthday Lily!