Friday, August 13, 2010

Happy #2!

Last weekend, we had a blast celebrating cousin Liam's 2nd birthday as well as seeing our extended family before heading out west.

This is the best picture I have of the three cousins - Aynslee, Liam, and Lily are three busy busy kiddos.

Liam was sweet enough to share his toys with Lily, who has no problem stealing them, even from an older boy. There might have been a little shoving involved, on both sides.

Hmmmm, cake. Get in my belly!

Lily preferred Grandpa's homemade ice cream.

Mom devoured both. Of course.

Cuddle time with great uncle Rudy.

And lots of loving on Grandpa.

Remember what a good sharer Liam was with his toys?

We almost had a serious brawl over the blankie. Think we have two very stubborn cousins on our hands. Love it!

After all that excitement, we went off to sweet dreamland, thinking of the next time we can play together. Happy Birthday Liam!

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Brooke, Jason, Aynslee, and Liam said...

Thanks for the post Lindsay!! Cute pics!! It was great seeing you guys too!! :)