Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Trunk or Treat

Lily's preschool hosted Trunk or Treat last Friday night.

It took our girl less than a minute to figure out how to get candy.
She had a whole system down, ensuring she stopped at every single car.
Sometimes twice.  We could barely keep up with her!

We stopped by to see her teacher, Mrs M.
And played with our good friend's TowMater...
 ...and Spiderman.
What a fun night!  
We continue to feel so lucky for Lily's preschool and all the great events they host!


MJS said...

Picture # 1. Nanny #2 is looking into Nanny #1's eyes. Sometimes is a bit spooky!!! Glad it is the haunting season and generations pop up to remind us of the "living dead." so remind me of my "Nanny" and I loved her so much!

Mallory Saylor said...

Lily was a perfect hula girl with that Arizona tan. Poor, white Auntie is jealous!