Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Good friends

What a treat we had last weekend.
Lesley, Tyler, Alex, and Drew came for a visit!
Such a fun weekend just catching up plus keeping three kiddos entertained.

While Lily was at school on Friday, we took the boys to the Children's Museum.
Their favorite was the "fake food."
On Saturday, we treated ourselves to Dunkin Donuts.
These three kids were never as quiet as when they were shoving sugar into their mouths.
(Don't you just want to squeeze little Drew?  He is flipping adorable!)
Followed by a (cold) visit to the train park.
(Thanks for dragging the winter weather to AZ guys! 
And you forgot to take it back with you!)

Thankful for good friends, good conversations, and good times. 
Thanks for making the trek southwest...
...our turn to head towards Arkansas!

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Leslie Scoby said...

How fun to have friends come to visit! Our kids still remember times when friends came to visit and all the kids would play together. Making memories!!