Saturday, April 28, 2012


After a too brief visit with Auntie M, we made a quick trip to see Mema.

She was excited to show Lily how to make 3-2-1 cake.
Which consisted of 3 tbsp of cake batter, two tbsp of water, and one minute in the microwave.

Lily loved 'baking' and especially loved spending time with her great grandmother.

We sang 'Happy Birthday' since Mema won't see Lily on her actual birthday.
Lily insisted on making a second cake for baby 'George'. 
But refused to eat either cake because it wasn't her actual birthday,
 plus she needed to wait until 'George' was born. 

Practicing blowing out her candles....

...but needing a little extra help from Nanny.

Such a special treat for Lily to spend time with her great grandmother!

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