Thursday, September 13, 2012

One month

September 10, 2012
Weight - 9 lb, 14 oz. 51 percentile
Length - 22 1/2 inches. 83 percentile
Head - 38 1/2 cm, 57 percentile

A few thoughts:
~William continues to have a very laid back long as you are holding him.  A friend loaned me her Moby wrap and it has been a life saver the past few evenings when Will just wants to snuggle.  He falls asleep the moment I put him in there!
~Lily has been perfecting her mothering breastfeeding her babies.  She also diapers them, puts them in Will's carseat, crib, etc.  She says she is the Mommy and I am Ryan.  :) 
~Will is starting to give a few smiles and it's so sweet to see!  Everyone says he looks just like Ryan.  I love having a mini-me and a mini-him.  
~Lily continues to be a sweet big sister.  This week she noticed Will's bandaid from his vaccination and said "Mommy, I don't like it when Will has to get a shot!  It makes me sad." 
~Though slow and steady, I've been able to run a few times this past week.  It feels great to be back after almost six months off.  I'm itching to sign up for a race, but will probably wait until spring since I had to take so much time off.  Any race suggestions?
~The second round with a newborn has been much more fun for me.  While Lily was a very easy baby, I remember thinking I'd never have my 'normal' life again - I was tired, never knew when I'd get a workout or date night again, could barely cook dinner because she was clingy in the late afternoon, etc.  With William, I have the same 'troubles' but know how short each stage is and am trying to enjoy every moment instead of wishing the next stage to hurry up.

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