Saturday, October 13, 2012

2 months

October 10, 2012
Weight - 12 lb, 3 oz. 62 percentile
Length - 24 1/2 inches. 94 percentile
Head - 40 cm, 52 percentile
A few thoughts
~In the last week, you have really started interacting and 'talking'.  You coo and giggle, and give the biggest smiles.  Your favorite person is your big think she is hilarious and light up whenever you hear her voice.
~Our good sleeper is on a fairly consistent  schedule.  You head to bed around 8pm and wake up most nights around 5am (maybe twice a week a bit earlier around 4am).  You then go back to sleep for two or three hours. This schedule works well for us, as we are normally up by 5:30am anyway. 
~We are once again using the 'Miracle Blanket' and swear it is why our kids have been such great newborn sleepers.
~You went on your first few walks this week (yay for it finally cooling down enough to play outside!).  Once in the stroller with mom, and twice in the Baby Bjorn with the whole family.  You loved both - you like being outside and fell asleep each time. 
~You continue to be very laid-back and very much a mama's boy.  You love to be held, but are also starting to entertain yourself a bit in the bouncy chair. 
~You LOVE your baths.  You completely zone out and enjoy every moment.
~You are such a tall guy and are quickly outgrowing all 0-3 months clothes.  I need to do some serious shopping!
~We love you more than words and can't imagine our family without you!


Anonymous said...

What a cute little guy! I looks like Lily is a proud big sister. Love seeing the pictures of your family. Linda

katieharris said...

ok, seriously too cute. And that last picture? It's as if you took a picture of Ryan, removed his hair and miniature-ized him!