Wednesday, April 16, 2014

A week with Nanny

Nanny had Lily and William all by herself for EIGHT DAYS!
Luckily, she seems to still be talking to me and loving her grand babies. :)

We received numerous photos of their activities while she was in charge.

lots of tea parties, inside and out

a visit to the Simple Farm, one of our favorite places

hours and hours of dress up
(Lily is a bride getting married to her prince)

and of course a visit to Scottsdale Gymnastics!

Where were Ryan and I? Key West!
Thank you to Ryan for his hard work last year, and his company for inviting us on this amazing trip! 

And thank you to Nanny for giving up a week, loving on our kiddos, and allowing us to go on a MUCH needed vacation.
We appreciate and love her more than words can express!

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