Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Exceptional day

Lily had a very exceptional day on Monday!

We started off with an early morning dentist appointment before school.  Not only does Lily have TWO loose teeth, but she was such a brave, sweet girl.  The dentist even commented he couldn't believe she was only five and that she was acting like an eight year old.  Much to Lily's delight!  Her behavior was particularly helpful for me…as it was also William's first dentist visit.  He was not so brave.  Lots of crying, screaming, and squirming.  

{All smiles on our ride from the dentist to school drop off}

 The day continued to get better.  First, she received TWO Roars awards, which are random awards given by teachers on campus when they see students portraying good behavior.  Her first came from the drop off lane, where a teacher helps the students out of the car.  Lily said the teacher gave her one because she said thank you, and was kind and respectful.  Her other came because she moved to the top of the clip chart in her classroom (a behavior system where a child can move up or down a chart depending on their actions each day).  

A few other highlights included passing a 'sight words' tests as well as Mom surprising our girl at lunch.  I had the pleasure of sitting with Lily and her friend Emery.  These girls cracked me up telling stories about their classmates, about their fun morning at school, and just lots of silly, happy girliness.  Honestly, it was one of my favorite lunches ever.   

To reward our girl with such an exceptional day, Ryan came home from work early, we ate a quick dinner, and off to the ice cream store we went!  We were ALL very proud of Lily and thrilled to celebrate her!

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