Sunday, December 7, 2014

A holiday party!

Our family friends, the Johnson's, work for Southwest Airlines (he is a pilot, she is a flight attendant).   They ended up with four extra tickets to the company's holiday party, and we were the lucky recipients.  The event was held in a hanger at the end of Sky Harbor airport, and William's favorite part was watching the planes take off right over his head.  

A few amazing highlights from our fun-filled day:
~A car show with lots of classic cars.  Lily and Emery's favorites were Tow-Mater and Lighting McQueen replicas.  

~A petting zoo with lots and lots of goats.  Also, pony rides, but William was too chicken to try and Lily was too busy riding the tilt-a-whirl with Daddy.  

~Balloon animals.  A princess sword and Olaf, the Snowman.  I stood in line for 30 minutes for these darn things so made them immediately pose for a picture before they popped. 

~Santa rode into the party on this plane for WWII.  We were then able to explore the inside and hear a little bit about the history of the plane.  It flew over 2000 combat hours during the war!

~Lily, William, and Ryan had a blast on this slide.  It reminded me a bit of the creepy slide from 'A Christmas Story' so I stayed on solid ground.

~Free range to sprint down the runway.  Heading toward the SW airplane for a photo inside one engine! 

Emery, Nash, William, Lily

But the highlight of the day…seeing the big guy up close and personal.  Lily asked for a princess and glasses (?) and William, well, he just wants his mommy for Christmas.  Fine with me!

Such a fun filled day with great family friends!  The party was a truly a child's dream and put us all in the holiday spirit.  

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katieharris said...

Oh my goodness, how fun! I especially love the picture of William looking up at you in the cockpit (I think).