Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Lily and William's vacation

While Mom and Dad were out of town, Lily and William were treated to quite a fun 'vacation' with their Nanny!  I swear that lady has ten times more energy and stamina than I do…the amount of activities they squeezed in over four days was amazing!

~A family favorite…the train park!  Including ice cream as well as the carousel.  I'm amazed Lily rode a horse…she will rarely do that for me unless Ryan is with us.  Brave girl!

~lots of fun outdoor playtime enjoying our gorgeous late winter weather

~a trip to Build-a-Bear at Fashion Square Mall.  Lily chose a bunny and William chose Olaf.    I will never be able to take the kids to the mall again without requests to go back (and buy more accessories, ha!)…they both loved it!

~At Christmas, Lily and Nanny received a joint gift…tickets to Rodger and Hammerstein's Cinderella.  Special one-on-one time with our girl while William stayed home with a babysitter.  

~Final evening with Nanny…a date to the Lizard!

Thank you Nanny for creating so many memories with Lily and William, while allowing Ryan and I to get away for a few days!  We are so very thankful for all that you do!


katieharris said...

Your mom is awesome (and looks half her age)! I showed elise the pictures before I even read the details and she said "my friend Lily is having rainbow ice cream at the train park!" Looks like they all had a great time.

MJS said...

I loved every minute. Ryan and Lindsay are raising two amazing little people. I crammed a lot into a few day but went home very tired ~ remembering the full days of parenting youngsters. (The days can be long but the years go by so quickly.....I promise!!!)

MJS said...

By the way....I did wash the dress Lily wore in almost every picture. It was a popular "Target" purchase that Lily really liked : )

Rachel said...

Great job Ryan for earning that awesome trip! What a special time for you and Ryan, Lily and William, and Nanny! Nanny's are really such a blessing and your Momma is extra special in my mind. :) Miss you all!