Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Surprise visitors!

Over Memorial weekend, Ryan made a trip to the airport with Lily in tow, who was under the impression he was picking up a co-worker as a favor.  But who showed up instead?  Grandma O and cousin Aynslee!  Lily was just a tiny bit excited.  :)  

To make the weekend even more special, it was Aynslee's 10th birthday…and we had a blast celebrating her!  

~10 balloons and a few gifts for her once she woke up (Lily and William were not so patiently waiting…they tend to wake up a bit earlier than most families).  


~Birthday cake and singing for the birthday girl.  

~Cave Creek Balloon Festival.  We started with dinner on the grass while playing with friends.  But once the sun went down, 12 hot air balloons started inflating right in front of us.  We accidentally had the best seats in the house!  

~Fireworks as we left the festival ended our fun day celebrating Aynslee.  

Lots more fun occurred over the weekend, including swimming, biking riding, and overall bonding with our cousin.  Thank you so much Aynslee and Grandma for visiting!!

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