Sunday, August 16, 2015


Our very first break (and cast)!  Lily fell while playing kickball at summer camp, and came home complaining that her wrist hurt.  We iced it, and then quickly forgot about it, continuing on with life.  Until the following evening, when she swam for a couple hours then attempted a cartwheel and tumbled to the ground in pain.  Of course this was a Friday night, so after a quick visit to the pediatrician Saturday morning, we both agreed to wait until Monday for x-rays.  Which showed a small fracture in her radius.  She was finally casted on Tuesday...five days after the actual break.  Mommy of the year!  

{We are three weeks into the cast, and she is doing awesome.  It's the perfect break for pain, but LOTS of extra attention.  A little over a week to go!}

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