Sunday, December 20, 2015

Disney (October 2015)

What a special fall break!  The Saylor women have been planning Lily's surprise for almost a to Disneyland we went for three glorious nights!  

~my travel companion was so excited to have her own suitcase and confidently navigated the airport "on her own".  Wow, she reminds me of someone...

~Lily long ago decided she wanted to be Maleficent for Halloween and was thrilled to find a part of her costume in Downtown Disney, which we explored upon our arrival.  We then spent the afternoon swimming while waiting for our room to be ready. 

~ We stayed at a disney resort and therefore had early access to the park.  Alarms went off at 5am, and we were showered, fed, caffeinated and first in line for the 7am entry to the park.  

~Character sightings were a huge deal.  Of course Lily's favorites were the princesses during Ariel's Grotto at lunch, though Auntie M and I enjoyed our "buzzed with Buzz" photo op.

~Lily's favorite rides were Cars Land, Splash Mountain, and Big Thunder Mountain.  Which made this mom so proud...our girl isn't know to be overly brave or adventurous but she gave most rides a chance and grew more confident and brave as the days went on.  By the end, she would have ridden any and every rollercoaster!  (Though when she begged to do the Star Wars ride again...Auntie and I both said "no way!" as we were both a little motion sick.  Somehow Nanny opted out of this one...she read the reviews and "offered" to stand in line for beignets instead).    

~Speaking of, the best part of traveling with Auntie M and Nanny = we don't miss a meal!  While I had a detailed list of rides and exactly how we should go about navigating the park, Auntie had an equally detailed list of how to ensure we didn't miss all the best foods at Disney.  We were the perfect combination! (The spicy corndog was amazing...we may or may not have gone back for a second one after putting Lily and Nanny to bed!)

~It was a weekend that we will all remember for a long time.  Huge thanks to Nanny and Auntie for making it so very special for Lily!  

~While the girls were in California, the boys flew to Kansas and had a weekend of fun too.  Thanks Papa Kurt and Casey for helping William experience his first KSU football game (though apparently he is really bad luck!).    

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