Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Flagstaff (February 2016)

It was a memorable weekend in Flagstaff.  Lily and William's first time skiing!  We introduced them to the bunny slopes for an hour before putting them in a private lesson.  They did great!   But completely passed out during our lunch break.  I forgot how exhausting skiing can be! We called it quits and headed back to town for dinner and lots of train watching along Route 66. 

On day two, we went back to the bunny slopes and spent a few hours practicing.  However, William was NOT having it and was honestly a nightmare (think, going limp on his skis when he was supposed to be getting on the lift 'carpet' causing them to have to shut the whole thing down, etc).  Ryan wanted me to have more time on skis (because I'm awful) so he took William back to the lodge while Lily and I continued practicing together.  

After the boys left us, Lily was convinced she was ready for the ski lift and her first true "green".  I, being nervous of heights plus a horrible skier (and therefore unable to help her if she need me), said absolutely not.  But we know Lily...she doesn't give up and insisted.  I told her if she could ski the harder bunny slope (that was the end of the green she wanted to go on) without issue, we could try it. That girl looked at me, rolled her eyes, headed for the harder slope and skied straight down to the ski lift below.  I guess we were ready!

She was AMAZING.  We did the trail over and over again, with her skiing fast to the bottom and impatiently waiting for me.  "Mom, you are too slow!"  Towards the end of the day, Ryan switched with me and was floored at her progress in just a few short hours!

Needless to say, we were very impressed with Lily and can not wait to go back next year.  It was a perfect weekend get-away for our little family!

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