Thursday, December 22, 2016

Merry Merry, part 1

Happy Holidays!  The craziest time of year, but packed full of fun!

[Thanksgiving 2016}

Lily participated in a dance/cheerleading class after school once a week.  It was her idea, and we signed her up after lots of begging.  She looked forward to each Wednesday and had a blast in her performance.  

 William in his second appearance in his preschool Christmas program.  Cutest little shepherd!!  He did great...he sang along and did all the actions!

A quick visit to Santa - however, William said "Mom, that wasn't the real Santa!  No way!"  So we had a good conversation about how Santa sometimes needs to ask a cousin to help out during busy season.  

Our favorite tradition!  Opening one Christmas book each night in our new Christmas PJ's.  

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