Saturday, February 25, 2017

PHX Marathon

My girlfriend Mel-B raced in October, qualified for Boston and challenged me to do the same.  As one who has a hard time saying no to a challenge, I decided on PF Chang's in January, only to push it too hard and aggravate an old injury.  It was meant to be though, as the PHX marathon was a perfect race day for me.  40 degrees outside, and a downhill start (which required me to actually pay attention to pace - way too fast starts all around and a mantra of "run your own race, stop trying to race everyone else"), followed by a pancake flat second half.  It was a near perfect race which ended with a Boston qualify, a personal best time, and an overall enjoyable run!  

I wish I had a pic of the sweetest cheering section as I crossed the finish line but these will have to do. I was so excited to see my crazies, I may or may not have cried. Thankful especially for the guy behind the camera and all his patience through this (long!) training cycle.  

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