Friday, October 23, 2009

Happy Friday

Hey mom, why are we home today?   Shouldn’t you be at work and me at daycare?


Nope, my awesome firm let me reduce my schedule and now I will be home with you most Friday’s. 


No way, that’s so cool!  More mommy/Lily time rocks! 


I’m so happy about this….


….I could smile. 



MJS said...

Lily wanted me to tell you "Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad!".... hope you have fun on your date tonight.

Leslie Scoby said...

That is so awesome that you get Friday's off!! You will never regret spending time with your little one! She is such a doll. And congrats on the 1/2!

The Frazee's said...

your a good mom lindsey, enjoy your fridays with lilly!!

vwiese said...

that is so great Lindsay. Maybe I need to get some pointers from you on how you did this. I want fridays off with my baby :) She is such a cutie Linds.