Saturday, October 17, 2009

I love my Papa

Before the Little Lady joined our family, Ryan and I often talked about how we thought our families would react to her.  For example, we assumed (and were right!) that both grandmothers would be overjoyed and love on her with tons of kisses and hugs.  But one person we couldn’t figure out was my dad, aka Papa Kurt.  While he has always been a wonderful dad and he and I are very close, he isn’t what one would call a ‘touchy feely’ type of guy.  And he LOVES my little cousins, but seems to prefer them as they got a little older than the infant stage.  So we had a hard time imaging what he would think of his little granddaughter, especially as a newborn. 

Well, four months later and Miss Lily seems to be Papa Kurt’s pride and joy.

Sometimes pictures speak more than words…..

img_0568  img_0567


Jolie said...

Gotta love Papa Kurt holding baby Lily and a glass of vino! =)

Paige said...

I was going to say the same thing Jol! :)