Friday, March 5, 2010

9 months

February 28, 2010.   Time is flying by way too fast….

Weight – 18 lb, 9oz.  50 percentile

Length – 28 1/4 inches. 75 percentile

Head – 17 2/3 inches.  75 percentile


A few Lily observations:

* You recently learned how to pull yourself up and take a few steps holding onto the coffee table, your crib, etc.  Now you are completely obsessed with this new trick and are constantly crawling to find something else you can pull up on.

* You are Miss Independent.  You like to do things your own way and are starting to show a little temper when things don’t go your way.

* You have perfected the art of waving.  Any time someone enters or exits the room, you wave and wave and wave.


* One of your very favorite activities is “walking” while holding onto Daddy’s hands.  You giggle and smile and laugh while moving forward, but the moment Daddy stops, you show us that little temper of yours. 

* You are eating three meals a day, with three to four bottles in between.  However, you are really cutting back on your bottles and wanting to eat more and more solid foods.

* You have settled into your new daycare, and seem to have the love and attention of multiple teachers.  Plus you spent some quality time in the Director’s office when you refused your bottle for a few days (sweet lady wanted to give you some private, quiet time to eat without any extra distractions).  Daddy and I had a good laugh imagining you being carted off to the “Principal’s office” for being naughty. 


We love you more than words.  Happy Birthday Lily!

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MJS said...

Watch her on that "applepeel-mobile"...we don't want her to become a "snaggletooth!"