Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Play Date

Lily invited her girlfriend Emma over for a few hours of playtime while Mommy and Miss Lela caught up on adult conversation. 

Apparently daycare has yet to teach Lily her manners as she would continuously steal whatever toy Emma fancied.  She then proceeded to crawl right over Emma to get closer to Mommy.  Emma didn’t seem to mind…she is a happy, laidback kind of gal.

  img_1127 img_1128 img_1130 img_1131


Lily is jealous of Miss Emma’s head of hair!  So cute!!

Thanks Emma and Lela for coming to play!  We loved seeing you gals and are looking forward to getting together again very soon!

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vwiese said...

Lindsay, your friend and her baby sat in front of us at church yesterday and this baby, was soooo good!!!! I was shocked at what a good baby she was the whole time. My kid would have been screaming by min. 5 into the service. Anyway, small world.