Friday, October 22, 2010

Filler moments

I love it.

I love this blog. When I read it, I feel inspired. I feel rejuvenated. I feel real.

I love her outlook on life. If I could sum it up, it would read..."love, play, drink wine, enjoy friends, enjoy family more, enjoy everything life throws at ya". At least that's what I get outta reading.

Let's take for instance her discussion on fueling vs filler moments (you know me, a sucker for any blogpost with a running theme!).

Lately I feel the filler moments.

With this move, and subsequently quitting my job; following my husband cross country to pursue his career; leaving my family, friends, sister, omgEveryoneIlove, behind; I've felt like I live in the "filler" moments. Packing, unpacking, planning, planning gone to hell, cleaning, giving up on cleaning, crying, giving up on crying, smiling, really smiling instead of faking it, tired, tired but worth it, playing, running, playing, traveling, endless playing, filling filling filling.

Yet the entire time...LILY. Lots of smiles. Extra hugs. Very few tantrums. LOVING. Spending extra time getting to know the in's and out's of our daily lives instead of hurrying off to work/daycare.

My girl makes the 'filler' moments worth it. At the end of the day, she makes my filler moments feel like 'fueling' moments. I'm grateful for that.

But possibly more grateful for a forgiving husband. Who has to put up with my 'gas tank on empty' moments as well. We've had just a few empty moments around here...

Happy Anniversary, Ryan. I love you more today than I did on that very happy day five years ago. Cheers to many more years of celebration!


katieharris said...

wow, five years already?!! congrats! Miss you guys.
Also, that hat on Lily is awesome. She's so stylish. Ready for a trip to Paris :)

Anonymous said...

I too moved for my husband's job. We left our families, friends, home of five years, and everything we had known as "life." I was devastated. But since then, we've made new friends and created new memories, and most importantly, we had two children who have never known anything but THIS as home. Which makes it MY home. :) This is the only house they've known, the only neighbors and friends they've had. That was a huge epiphany for me. Just remember that wherever your family is, that's home. Good luck to you!