Friday, December 10, 2010

18 months

November 30, 2010.

Weight - 23 lb, 6 oz. 33 percentile

Length - 33 inches. 86 percentile
~ You are such a talker. According to your new doctor here in AZ, your speech is exceptional and you are talking like a 2 year old. A few of my favorite phrases include: 'are you ready', 'lily do it', and 'here you go'. However, I'm often the only one who can understand you, and therefore spend lots of time interpreting.

~ You have become quite affectionate. You love to give hugs and kisses to Mommy, Daddy, Ellie dog, and your baby doll.

~ Speaking of your baby doll, you are becoming such a good little 'mother'. You cradle, cuddle, rock, and kiss your baby. You read her books, cover her with a blanket, and speak so lovingly to her. To make it extra sweet, your favorite doll is from Mema, your great-grandmother. When we ask what your baby's name is, you promptly say "yi-yi" (Lily). Melts our hearts!

~ You've been spending lots of time at the local library for storytime and have started attending a few play dates in our new neighborhood. But your new favorite friend is cousin Kayl, who you often ask for and have told us a few times "Kayl funny!" Now that you aren't in daycare, socializing with other kiddos is an extra special treat.

~ Your favorite toys tend to be blocks and trucks. You love to build huge towers, stack your rings, and push your truck and cars all over the house. You are one active little gal!

~ You have made the transition to one nap a day. You still take a pacifier for naps, bedtime, and long car rides (ie numerous errand running trips) - and Mom was one happy lady when your pediatrician told me not to sweat it until you are two!!!

~ Your very favorite thing to do is to pick up the mail. Our mailbox is in a neighborhood nest down the street, so each afternoon we head out to pick it up. You insist on carrying the keys and walking by yourself. Upon arrival, you try the keys in all the locks you can reach until finally giving up and letting me open it for you. On the walk home (after a minimum of 5 minutes just playing around the mailbox), you insist on carrying at least one piece of mail and 'reading' it aloud.

You make us laugh each and every day. It's hard to believe how much we love you and how happy you make us. We love you more than words!

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Mary Jo said...

she's growing so fast! very cute!

hey, can you email me your new street address? i'm not sure i even have your new email address.

thanks! hope you're all doing well!