Monday, March 28, 2011

A few favorites...

This pathetic pout is brand new in our household.
We think it's so cute, we laugh at her whenever we see it. Which makes her more mad, of course.

Lily is such a little talker. She continues to get more and more verbal each day. A few of our favorite sayings....

"Mommy ok?" - One night while eating dinner, I started choking. Ryan slapped me on the back, asking me if I was ok. Ever since then, Lily will come up to me, cock her head to one side, and ask "Mommy ok, Mommy you ok?" while gently patting my back. Sometimes she even gives me a big hug!

"Oh yea, I'm fine" - Her response when I respond to her sweet gesture with "yes Mommy's ok. Is Lily ok?"

"Hi ___ (fill in the blank with Ellie dog, her toys, her books, etc), I missed you!" - Almost every time we walk in the door, she apparently missed something greatly while we were gone.

"Daddy, I love you. Daddy, I miss you. Daddy, no go to work!" - Heard over the monitor before I get her out of bed. She will play and talk in bed for quite a while after she wakes up. When I finally get her, she always wants to know where Daddy is and if he had to go to work today.

"No, no, no, Mommy, I no want to" - She says while pointing her finger at me. Multiple times every flipping day. She must hear the word no a lot, huh?

"No Daddy! MY Mommy!" - Said whenever Ryan tries to hold my hand. Or give me a kiss or hug. Or shows any affection towards me. (She then shows us that cute pout!)

She is very strong willed, opinionated, and often stubborn. But also sweet, funny, caring, and such a blast to be around. We feel so lucky for our little talker.


Mallory Saylor said...

Not to be the bad auntie...but just what finger is she happening to hold up?? :) She's got down the pout AND the bird!

Lindsay said...

Ha! I didn't even notice that. Guess she was more upset than I originally thought? That is hilarious...