Friday, March 18, 2011

Go Cats!

When we heard K-State was playing the first round of the NCAA tourney in Tucson, we were thrilled. My parents had tickets but weren't able to make the trip, so we were the lucky benefactors. Thanks for the great seats!!!

Lily was a trooper and had a blast watching all the action. Her favorite phrase is currently "What's that, Mommy" which she must have asked 300 times within the first ten minutes.

A little boy in front of us was eating popcorn, and she of course asked "What's that?". When I told her, she said "boy eating popcorn. Lily wants popcorn!". I told her to ask her father, and moments later, she had her wish. (That's my is always top of my priority list too!)

Lily made her television debut as the game wrapped up with a Wildcat victory. She is our little good luck charm!

We'll be back on Saturday, cheering loudly! Keep an eye out for our famous toddler.


Dennis and Barb said...

Regina saw you guys on TV! I think I was dozing off about then... Go Cats!!

Kara said...

I missed you on tv and I was really watching for you. How fun for you guys getting to go to the games. Thanks for being some purple in the stands!!! Don't change anything for the game on Sat. same, seats, same clothes, same underware- don't change a thing! he he

Regina said...

My hubby thought I was crazy when I started yelling "There's Ryan and Lily!!! Oh my goodness!!!" Hope you have fun today at the game! GO CATS!

Leslie Scoby said...

Cheer on the Cats Lily!!!!