Thursday, January 5, 2012

Christmas recap

We spent Christmas at home in Kansas.
What a treat to be with all our family for the holiday!

Once again, we were able to get the entire gang together.
What a fun, loud, energetic few days we had!

We had a sick toddler throughout the week of Christmas.  
She kept falling asleep in my arms, and a part of me absolutely loved it!
Mema, and her husband Woody
Darby and Aunt Kristin
Uncle Tom, Aunt Soni, and Auntie M
Auntie M, Nanny, and Uncle Tom
Who put these two in charge of putting together Lily's wagon??
Uncle John and Papa Kurt
Lily was more into presents than I expected.  
I assumed she open one or two and then get bored, so I didn't wrap much for her. 
I was wrong.  
She loved opening, kept searching under the tree for her name, and when those ran out, insisted on helping everyone else with theirs.

Reece, Luke, Cooper, and Darby
Helping Uncle Matt

Lily loves being around big girls!

Liam got an huge red barn, which kept him entertained for hours!

A game of baseball broke out in Grandma basement.
I'm impressed nothing was broken - these kiddos can hit hard!

 Lily (2 1/2), Aynslee (6), Liam (3)

Thank you for such a lovely Christmas and visit back to Kansas.
We miss you all already!

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