Thursday, January 19, 2012

January update

It's been a little quiet around the ol' blog lately.  A case of post holiday malaise, I suppose.  Anyway, a few Lily updates for the grandmother(s) who are not so patiently waiting on pictures!

~Lily has become quite the pro at riding her tricycle.  She begs and begs to play on the 'front backyard' (ie driveway).  Her favorite thing is to start at the top of the driveway, petal as fast as she can, fly down and over the bump.  We've had to enforce a helmet rule as she's gotten so fast.

~Her sayings are just hilarious right now.  A few favorites:
  *"It's not fair Mommy!"  Which I find myself replying "life isn't always fair Lily."  One of those things I swore I'd never say when I had my own children.  
  *One day after school, I asked her what her favorite part of the day was. She started singing "Alleluia, Alleluia, Crazy Lord!"  I asked if she meant "Alleluia, Alleluia, Praise the Lord" and she said "NOOOOO Mommy, it's CRAZY Lord".  Apparently her preschool worships a pretty entertaining God.  :)
  *We went out for Mexican food a few weeks ago.  I was chowing down on chips and salsa when Lily said "Mommy stop.  No more chips or it will hurt your tummy.  Just chips for Lily and Daddy."  Apparently I needed to be cut off?

~We have started potty training.  Oh boy.  Have I mentioned how strong willed and stubborn our girl is?  Poor girl comes by it naturally and my mother likes to tell me I deserve every bit of payback.

In an attempt to motivate her, Lily picked out her own 'big girl pants'.  Her favorites?  Buzz, Woody, and Lighting McQueen.  Yep, she's got herself some boy underwear.

We started with the three day potty bootcamp.  However, it took us almost three days to figure out what bribes would even get her to sit on the dang potty!  Candy?  Nope.  Stickers? Nah.  Begging, pleading, ignoring? No way.  Finally, Daddy tried some reverse pyschology (thanks Grandma O for the suggestion), telling her he didn't think she knew how and that she wouldn't be able to do it.  What did that little bugger do - ran straight for the potty to prove Daddy wrong.  Whoozah, we are in trouble with this one!

~We've been spending as much time outside as possible, enjoying the beautiful winter weather.  Thank you Nanny and Papa Kurt for our new swing and slide!  Lily loves to play and Mommy loves to bask in the sunshine while our girl is happily entertained.


MJS said...

Nanny is just so darn proud of those panties......doesn't matter about the gender. Way to go, Lily! 30 years ago, when I was potty training kid-does......every 2 yr. old had very thick white gender identity needed.

katieharris said...

lol, LOVE the panties...i mean, underwear :) She's so adorbs.