Saturday, February 4, 2012

many thanks

Thank you for all the well wishes!
We are of course beyond thrilled with our growing family.

Lily is excited for a new baby in the house.
She is adamant that the baby is a brother, and definitely not a sister.
Though she says the baby is not in my tummy yet, as it's too small.
She also says the baby better find it's own Mommy and Daddy, because she isn't sharing hers.

I have been feeling good, and am lucky to have minimal pregnancy symptoms.
With the exception of extreme exhaustion, of course. 
But I am starting to see the light at the end of that tunnel.

Due date is August 6th.
Anyone willing to relocate with me to the mountains for the summer?
Too hot in the valley, I think!

Since I can't have a post without pictures, below are a few random happenings...

Lily's school hosted an Art Festival a few weeks ago.
We had such a fun evening, and Lily had a blast showing off all her pieces! 

Nanny and Aunt Kristin came for a visit while Ryan was out of town for work.
We had fun shopping and eating (what we Saylor women do best!), but I took absolutely no pictures...
...with the exception of Lily cruising on her new scooter.
Nanny sure knows how to spoil our girl!


katieharris said...

Quite the artist you have there! And she looks way too grown up :(

Tuuli said...

What a cool art festival!! Don't worry about the summer, you'll be just fine! August 6th will be here before you'll know it!