Monday, February 27, 2012

17 weeks

the bump...
all dressed up for date night.
apparently we don't get out much as Ryan and I were both way overdressed!

My OB had trouble finding the heartbeat at this morning's appointment.  Not because something was wrong, but because the baby would not stop kicking her.  She was seconds away from whipping out the ultrasound machine when the baby finally held still long enough to listen.  Lily was one crazy woman in the womb (AND outside!) this a sign that we have another spirited child on the way??


MJS said...

I already LOVE that little nugget. You look so cute.

katieharris said...

GORGEOUS! Did you remember Lily kicking that early in your pregnancy with her? (or maybe that's not early, I don't remember when I started feeling Elise kick) I'd love to hear more about differences you've noticed with pregnancy #2.