Tuesday, March 6, 2012

our jokester

celebrating Dr Seuss at school
Lily has quite the sense of humor, whether she means to or not.  While she might be a mini me in looks, she has the best of Ryan's personality.  She loves to be the jokester and the entertainer, and always ends up the center of attention.  

One such example.  Last week, we pulled into a restaurant and found a front row parking spot.  I jokingly said "hey, I called ahead" meaning the restaurant saved me the spot.  Lily from the backseat yells out "hey, I called a nose! hey, I called an ear!"  She had no idea she cracked a joke, but we were dying laughing.  Which of course just encouraged her more!
Love that my girl keeps me giggling all day long...

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Kara said...

She's a smart one! That's really really funny!!!