Thursday, March 1, 2012


A few differences in this pregnancy from my first....
 *Cravings - With Lily, I went through boxes and boxes of sugary cereal.  This time, I am craving serious carbs, in the form of pasta.  Watch out for my house if you are on an Adkin's diet.  And if not, send me your favorite pasta recipes!

*The bump - hello baby!  While I am similar in weight as the first time around, the bump is about six weeks ahead of schedule.  Just about ready to whip out my maternity clothes. 

*Aches - I've already been suffering sciatic pain, which didn't start with Lily until around 35 weeks.  It's been so bad at a few points that I wasn't able to pick Lily up...and she was not a happy camper with that development.  However, it seems better now so I am hoping it was just a fluke and not something I will be dealing with for the remaining five months.

*Pains - I never experienced headaches with Lily and now seem to get one at least once a week.  I hear it's a fairly common symptom and am hoping they will go away as the pregnancy progresses.
*Less research - Ryan and I both kinda forget I am pregnant.  With Lily, we read every week on her development, talked about what size she was in the womb, spent hours working on her nursery, etc.  This time, I remembered to look up the development at 15 weeks and was shocked that the baby was already the size of an apple.  I thought "when did that happen?"

*More anxiousness - However, I am much more nervous this time.  Not sure if it's because I've had a number of friends with issues or if I just realize how awesome actually having a baby is, and how much I have to lose.
What could all these differences mean?  
Do you think it's a boy???


Jas said...

YES!! i vote boy!!

Kara said...

Ohhhh, lots of differences LO!
I can't wait to find out- do we have to wait till August?
Lindsay- I have felt that same way with each pg- I just got more anxious and more worried each time. But, then again most days I was too busy to get worried so that was a plus as well!