Monday, May 14, 2012

28 weeks

the outtakes....what a photo shoot in our house is really like

~I've officially entered the third trimester and still have done absolutely nothing to prepare for this baby.  Hopefully 'nesting' will kick in soon, and I'll get my bum into gear!
~Lily has moved into her big girl bed.  She slept in a regular bed at Nanny's house and called to tell Ryan she wanted to sleep in one at her house.  So the first night we were home, we tried.  Easiest transition ever...makes up for the horrors of potty training, I guess!
~We often find Lily 'reading' in her bed after she's supposed to be asleep.  She doesn't make a peep and completely entertains herself until she is tired.  Sounds a lot like her mama, who can't fall asleep until she's read in bed. 
~Lily still calls the baby 'George' and gets seriously mad if you suggest otherwise.  The nickname just might stick as we now all refer to the baby as 'George'.  
~The past weekend was the perfect birthday/Mother's Day weekend.  Perfect in that it was a fairly typical weekend, but just seemed extra sweet.  We spent lots of time as a little family - swimming, traditional Saturday morning Starbucks, Sunday brunch, etc.  Plus Ryan surprised me with a babysitter and date night - he definitely knows the way to my heart.  If I could dine out every night, I would!  :)

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