Friday, May 25, 2012


~You are my mommy, and when the baby comes, I will be his Mommy.  
Maybe we could share the baby and both take care of him? 
NO! I don't want to share my baby. 

~Lily, you can talk to the baby in Mommy's tummy.  
Hiiii baby!...Mommy, he didn't talk back to me.  
Well, he is too little to talk back to you.  
That's right Mommy, because babies only say WAHHHH!

~I'm my baby's Mommy, so I'm my baby's boss.  Just like Mommy is my boss.

~Daddy, you are a good driver, right?  
That's right Lily.  
Yeah, that means you are a BOY driver!

~Oh, wait a second...I have an idea!...
(Often said when trying to negotiate after being told she couldn't do something)

~My legs are tired, I just need to rest them for a bit.  
(Said twice this week, she then crawled into bed, and slept for almost three hours). 

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katieharris said...

Oh, Lily! She's too funny. Maybe put her in charge of George's late night diaper changes, then see if she wants to share him :)