Monday, June 25, 2012

34 weeks

whoozah, six more weeks!?!  gesh...
A few fun facts:
~Apparently all I needed to get ready for George was a visit from my mom.  She whipped me into shape with the determination that baby boy would not have a pink nursery upon his arrival.  After a few days of shopping for boy basics, George's room is almost ready to go!
~We also completed a handful of house projects that have been sitting in waiting for months.  Hanging curtains, shelves, moving furniture, etc.  Guess we were both nesting!  :)
~While pregnant with Lily, I consistently measured three weeks behind.  With George, I am measuring exactly on schedule.  Which I blame for the fact that I feel MUCH bigger and more uncomfortable this time around (even though I actually weigh less!).  
~Living in Arizona and being pregnant during the hot summer months isn't helping either.  The heat is doing a number on my hands and feet.  By the end of the day, I barely recognize my toes!  We've spent as much time as possible in the pool cooling off and providing relief to my extremities. 
~George tosses and turns and I love every single movement.  Lily has been patient enough to feel him a few times, loves talking to my stomach, and asking questions about the baby.  Just the other day, she asked in a very concerned voice if she'd still be my baby even after her brother arrives.  She was much relieved when I assured her that she would always be my baby and my best girl (I once asked if she was my best buddy. She said no, she was a girl, not a she loves being called my 'best girl'.)
~I had a sonogram at my 34 week appointment.  George is approximately 5lbs, 9oz, head down, and projecting to be between 7 and 7 1/2 lbs at birth.  As a comparison, Lily was approximately 6lbs at 35 weeks and was 7.7oz at birth.  
~George is still very much a boy according to the latest sonogram.  :)

Lily wanted to take a picture of her tummy too!


MJS said...

Lindsay, you look absolutely beautiful. Enjoy this special time with George. There is nothing that compares with the feeling of knees, feet, and elbows bumping around. Sit down and just enjoy the circus. You will soon miss it.

Rachel said...

You and Lily (and George) are too cute! Love these pictures!