Monday, June 4, 2012

Birthday Week

Papa Kurt has declared the week of your birthday as "Birthday Week" and Lily definitely lived up to it.  

Her first big cause for celebration was the arrival of Nanny!

 followed by a fun visit to the Children's Museum.

She opened a few presents on her actual birthday...

 ...including a 'big girl' bike from Mom and Dad!

 She loved hearing "Happy Birthday" sung to her.

And after eating cake, she had to take her new wheels for a spin around the neighborhood.

 Saturday we hosted a small party for her neighborhood and school friends. 
First she had swimming lessons, so Nanny and Mom went to set up.  Lily was so excited when she arrived and found cake and balloons for her party (that's all she wanted for her birthday!). 

 She spent 99% of the party splashing away with her buddies.

And once again, loved hearing "Happy Birthday" sung to her.

The best part of the week...when Mom and Dad left for one night and enjoyed a little babymoon at a local resort (at least that was Mom's favorite part, ha!)

Thanks Nanny for watching our girl so we could get away!!  There is nothing like coming home to a clean house, with all the laundry done, dinner ready, and a happy three year old who didn't miss us one bit.  You should come visit more often. :)


MJS said...

I had such a good time! Thank you for sharing your home, family, wonderful friends, and especially Lily. I am so proud of you and Ryan for creating such a warm, secure, and nurturing home.

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