Wednesday, November 14, 2012

3 months

November 10, 2012

A few thoughts
~You are getting close to rolling over from back to tummy.  You roll all the way onto your side, but can't quite make it the rest of the way.  You show NO interest in rolling from tummy to back. Your sister was the exact same way!
~You love when we sing to you.  Huge smiles and giggles surely follow any song.
~Your favorite person continues to be your big sister.  When you hear her voice, you search the room until you can see her.  She also loves you so much....she likes when you are on the floor next to her while she watches a show.  She holds your hand and tells you stories.

~You continue to sleep in the miracle blanket, but I can see that our time is limited.  We've been finding you completely kicked out of the swaddle recently.  Bummer!
~You seem stuck at a 4am wake up call.  I keep thinking you will extend it back to 5am or later as you get bigger, but you have other ideas.  I think you just like the quiet time with Mommy without that crazy 3 year old running around!  Luckily for me, you eat fast and go right back to sleep.

 ~You suck on two fingers to soothe yourself.  We try to replace with the pacifier if possible, but I do love that you can calm yourself down when in the carseat, stroller, etc. 
~You are wearing 3-6 clothes but quickly outgrowing these.  Such a big, growing boy!  You wear size 2 diaper.  You haven't worn shoes yet, but will need some booties for our trip to Kansas next month.

Happy birthday William Thomas!


Mallory Saylor said...

He looks like his sister in the first one!

katieharris said...

I bet that little boy hears non-stop jabber when Lily's around :) I love their smiles!